It’s that time of year when we wrack our brains, wondering what gifts would truly light up our loved ones’ faces. If you’re looking for a gift that’s a little out of the ordinary but guaranteed to bring joy, look no further than an electric grill. That’s right, it’s not just for the backyard grill enthusiasts; electric grills can make for the perfect present for a variety of people in your life.


The Apartment/Condo Dweller: For those friends or family members who live in cozy city apartments or condos, outdoor grilling space can be scarce. An electric grill is a game-changer for them. It allows them to enjoy the delicious taste of grilled food without needing a spacious backyard. It’s like bringing the barbecue to their balcony. We suggest the City Grill + Stand.


The Elderly: As our loved ones grow older, their safety becomes an increasing concern. At Kenyon Grills, we prioritize safety in our grill designs. All of our grills are electric, eliminating the need for gas, charcoal, or open flames. Furthermore, some of our grills come equipped with an automatic shut-off feature, set to activate after either 60 or 90 minutes, depending on the chosen heat setting. Your family’s peace of mind is our top priority! We suggest the Frontier Portable Grill Touch Control.


The Health Enthusiast: If you have a health-conscious individual on your Christmas list, consider gifting them an electric grill—it’s an excellent choice. Grilling is a healthier cooking option compared to frying as it requires less oil and fat. Additionally, it’s an ideal method for preparing low-carb, high-protein, and fiber-rich dishes, aligning perfectly with their dietary preferences and fitness goals. We suggest the Frontier Touch Control Grill + Stand.


The Aspiring Chef: Know someone who’s always experimenting in the kitchen, whipping up gourmet dishes, and watching cooking shows like they’re binge-worthy series? An electric grill can be their ticket to grilling greatness. It’s a new cooking canvas for them to explore, helping them take their culinary skills to the next level. We suggest the Frontier Portable Grill IntelliKEN Touch™.


The Busy Bee: We all have that one friend or family member who’s always on the go, juggling work, family, and social commitments. An electric grill is a time-saving marvel that helps them prepare quick and delicious meals in a snap and makes it the go-to meal prep tool. It’s the perfect gift for those who want convenience without sacrificing taste. We suggest the G2 Grill.


The Environmentalist: Electric grills are more environmentally friendly than their gas or charcoal counterparts. If you know someone who’s committed to reducing their carbon footprint and living a greener lifestyle, an electric grill aligns perfectly with their values. We suggest the City Grill.


The Family Gatherer: Is there a family member who’s known for hosting epic gatherings and cookouts? An electric grill can make their job easier and more enjoyable. It’s a gift that will keep on giving as they create lasting memories with family and friends around the grill. We suggest the G2 Grill + Stand.


In conclusion, an electric grill isn’t just a gift; it’s a versatile, practical, and enjoyable addition to anyone’s kitchen or outdoor space. So this Christmas, think outside the gift-wrapped box and surprise someone special with the gift of grillin’ and chillin’. It’s a present that’s sure to sizzle their holiday season!

Fall grilling

As the leaves change color and the air becomes crisp, we have the perfect opportunity to embrace the wonderful joys of fall! While summer may be known as the ultimate grilling season, why should we let that stop us from enjoying the deliciousness of grilled food all year round? Fall is the absolute perfect time to use your electric grill and embark on an extraordinary culinary adventure.


Comfortable Cooking Conditions

Fall offers an escape from the sweltering heat of summer, making outdoor cooking a more pleasant experience. The cooler temperatures mean you won’t be sweating over a hot grill, and you can comfortably prepare your meals while enjoying the crisp autumn air. And guess what? With your amazing Kenyon Electric Grill, you can even bring the grilling experience indoors! Whether it’s a casual weeknight dinner or a weekend barbecue with friends, fall’s mild weather makes it an ideal time for grilling.


Vibrant Seasonal Ingredients

One of the highlights of fall is the abundance of fresh, seasonal ingredients. From ripe apples and pears to hearty root vegetables and squash, the fall harvest offers a cornucopia of flavors and textures that are perfect for grilling. Our electric grills provide precise temperature control, allowing you to enhance the natural sweetness and char of these ingredients.


Cozy Gatherings

Fall is synonymous with cozy gatherings, from football Sundays, to to enjoyable outdoor events. An electric grill is a versatile addition to any fall get-together. You can grill up burgers, hot dogs, or veggie skewers with ease, and the cleanup is a breeze. Plus, the aroma of grilled food wafting through the crisp fall air is sure to bring everyone together for a memorable meal.


Versatile Cooking Options

Electric grills come in various sizes and styles, making them adaptable to different cooking needs. Whether you’re preparing a simple weeknight dinner or hosting a larger gathering, our electric grills offer the flexibility to accommodate your culinary aspirations. From searing steaks to slow-roasting a fall-inspired stuffed turkey breast, electric grills can handle it all.


Minimal Maintenance

Electric grills are known for their ease of use and maintenance. Unlike traditional charcoal or gas grills, there’s no need to worry about refilling propane tanks or dealing with the hassle of charcoal. Electric grills heat up quickly, and you can start cooking in no time. Cleanup is also a breeze since there are no ashes or residue to deal with. This means more time enjoying your fall festivities and less time fussing over your grill.


Fall is a season that invites us to slow down, savor the moment, and relish the flavors of the harvest. Embracing the versatility of an electric grill during this time can elevate your culinary experiences and enhance your gatherings. From the comfortable cooking conditions to the vibrant seasonal ingredients, there are plenty of reasons why fall is the perfect time to use an electric grill. So, plug in your grill, invite friends and family over, and create unforgettable memories around delicious fall-inspired dishes.

Kenyon City Grill

Donna Currie, writer at The Spruce Eats, took our star player, The City Grill, for a thrilling spin! Get ready for an exciting adventure as Donna delves into the art of breezy cleanups, unveils the grill’s show-stopping performance, and unlocks the enchantment of sizzling delights both indoors and outdoors.


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One question that often piques curiosity is the origin of our name, Kenyon. Does it belong to the owner, or perhaps linked to Kenyon College? Maybe it’s tied to Kenya in some way? Well, hold on to your hats because the real answer to this intriguing puzzle takes us back over 90 years ago, all the way to the year 1931!



Who is Kenyon? 

Born in 1899, Theodore W. Kenyon was destined to leave an indelible mark on history. In 1931, he founded his own company, starting out as a humble manufacturer of precision instruments for aviation and marine.


Ted Kenyon sitting on Grumman Hellcat Fighter, Worked for Grumman demonstrating auto pilot around the country


The Daredevil Fighter Pilot Wife

Introducing Cecil “Teddy” Kenyon, a daring daredevil who crossed paths with Ted Kenyon at Miss Erskine’s Finishing School in Boston. Their love story soared as Ted taught Teddy to become a fearless pilot. She achieved her license in 1929 and went on to triumph at the National Sports Women Flying Championship in 1933. Teddy’s adventures continued during World War II as she fearlessly test-piloted cutting-edge aircraft. Even in her seventies, her passion for flying remained undaunted!

1940 photograph of the Kenyon’s in their Halloween costumes


Revolutionizing the Industry

Ted’s brilliance knew no bounds. In 1930, he filed his first patent for the boat speedometer, setting the stage for an awe-inspiring journey. Soon, Ted and Teddy embarked on a new chapter, moving to Lyme, Connecticut. In 1953, they founded Kenyon Laboratories, Inc., where they continued to craft marine and aircraft instruments and control equipment.

In the 1950s, Ted and Teddy’s journey took them to Chester Airport, where they spread their wings even further. Here, they not only continued their aviation and marine endeavors but delved into new horizons, creating cooktops and alcohol stoves for boats. Talk about innovation!


Yet, like all great stories, this one had its challenges. In 1961, Kenyon Laboratories faced bankruptcy, but our resilient hero, Ted, pressed on. The company found a new lease on life, selling Gyrostabilizers under the name Ken Lab.


Kenyon’s Legacy Lives On 

In 1974, the stage was set for a remarkable journey when inventor and entrepreneur Phil Williams launched a company called Crosby in St. Petersburg, Florida. His vision and ingenuity gave birth to marine refrigeration systems of his own brilliant design.


As the 1980s dawned, the marine and cooktops business reached new heights under the capable hands of International Marine Industries (IMI). A legendary legacy was set in motion! In 1988, Williams made a bold move, selling his business to IMI and venturing to Connecticut to spearhead Kenyon. Over eight years, he led a team that designed cutting-edge ceramic glass cooktops, refrigeration systems, and a non-pressurized alcohol stove catered to the marine industry.


Then, in 1996, a pivotal moment arrived. Williams and a group of close friends took ownership of Kenyon from IMI. Their belief in the products and the dedicated team fueled their determination to steer the company to greater heights. With around 20 employees and revenue solely tied to the marine industry, they sought diversification. An opportunity arose to create the highest-quality cooking appliance for retirees’ new, smaller homes, and Kenyon responded with pioneering two-burner cooktops that set them apart in the market.


Today, Kenyon International stands tall, a testament to the visionary dreams of its founders. Nestled in Clinton, Connecticut, near the majestic Long Island Sound, the company thrives on innovation, crafting top-notch ceramic glass cooktops and stainless steel electric grills.


Their products bear the mark of excellence, designed with a focus on safety and ease of use, earning them esteemed awards and accolades. The legacy of Ted and Teddy, the daring pioneers of the past, lives on, with Kenyon Grills commanding an impressive 35 percent of the company’s revenue, while their marine products, where it all began, continue to capture 15 percent of the market. From its humble origins to its illustrious present, Kenyon remains a symbol of unwavering dedication to quality and innovation.


pit life bbq podcast

In this episode of Pit Life BBQ Podcast, host Johnnie sits down with Mike Williams, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Kenyon. They delve into the remarkable lineup of electric grills offered by Kenyon and discuss how these grills not only match but surpass the versatility of traditional live fire grills. Mike emphasizes the significance of Kenyon electric grills, particularly for individuals residing in apartments and condos where open-flame barbecuing is prohibited. With Kenyon electric grills, everyone can now enjoy the art of grilling at home, free from smoke and restrictions.


Texan IntelliKEN

The Robb Report is magazine on luxury living and products. The Kenyon Texan Electric Grill with IntelliKEN TouchTM is one of the high-tech grills mentioned in their article, “4 High-Tech Grills That Will Make You King of the Cutting-Edge Cookout.”


Designed and built in Connecticut, Kenyon’s latest model is fully electric. And while purists may bemoan the absence of wood or fire, the Texan Electric Grill is perfect for locations where open flames aren’t an option, including boats, RVs, and apartment balconies. The maritime-grill specialist recently upgraded its IntelliKEN Touch system, doubling the number of heat settings—up to 16—on its waterproof touch-control, for sharper precision. Yet the Intelliken Touch’s most tech-forward innovation is Kenyon Kitchen: an Alexa Skills feature that offers recipes, tips, and other instructions via simple voice commands.


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clean grill

Here is everything you need to know about maintaining a clean grill.


Drip Tray 


Don’t forget about your drip tray contents! To ensure a fresh grilling session each time, completely empty and rinse out the drip tray after each use. 


Need a new drip tray? Checkout our Coated Drip Tray option here.



Stainless Steel Polish


Each grill purchase comes with a bottle of Cerama Bryte Stainless Steel Polish, so your grill will once again sparkle. Quickly eliminates food marks, water stains, and fingerprints. Leaves a brilliant, shielding sheen that is streak-free!


Need a new stainless steel polish? Purchase here.


Clean your Grate and Griddle


The easiest way to clean the grate or griddle after using it is with a wet paper towel and a pair of tongs immediately after finishing, while still hot. This will prevent marinades or fat from baking onto the surface and make cleaning more difficult. If you have allowed the grate or griddle to cool after using, simply turn it back on to warm up and the wet paper towel will still be effective. 


Occasionally, put the grate or griddle into the dishwasher after it has cooled for a deep clean, this will loosen and remove any materials from the bottom and return the product to excellent condition.


Need a new grate? Purchase here.



Get the Right Tools


To prevent the coating from being harmed while tending to the grill, we advise using high temperature nylon or silicone utensils on the grate and griddle. The non-stick coating will be damaged by using metal utensils or wire brushes, and any resulting damage is not covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee.


Need grilling utensils? Purchase here.




The G2 Grill is the subject of a review by RV Magazine.


The article, “Kenyon G2 Electric Grill Review: All the Sizzle without the Hassle,” is a stand-alone grill review on using the G2 Grill to expand your culinary abilities at home and on the road. Becker explains this grill is a solution for RVers’ when grilling on the go. He mentioned that the electric grill will not leave smoke odors in the RV, no propane or charcoal is needed, its easy-to-clean drip tray and how the grill heats up quickly to save time. He also mentioned how he loves the high-end appearance and the impressive industrial design, mentioning the single burner and spacious cooking surface was enough to grill multiple steaks or burgers. Other highlights described were the simplicity of using the grill with a similar dial to traditional grills and the included easy-to-read instructions with tips and tricks. The writer also enjoyed the results of how the various foods were cooked on the grill. The last highlight was how easily portable this grill was compared to a traditional grill or a propane tank.



Read the full article here.

Grill Stands

More options, more possibilities: Kenyon’s iconic electric grills receive a new partner.


Clinton, CT, Nov. 1, 2022Kenyon International, Inc., a specialty electric grill and cooktop manufacturer, announces its newest product line- the all-electric, Freestanding Grill packages. The signature marine-grade 304 stainless steel takes a new form and extends its way into a versatile indoor/outdoor grill stand. These new stands will come in four different versions which are compatible with the G2, City and Frontier grills. Optional accessories include the popular Kenyon Griddle and a visually pleasing yet functional Kenyon Grill Covers to ensure protection.


The G2 Grill can function as both a table top grill, or when placed on the Grill Stand it becomes a freestanding grill providing a modern piece for the patio or balcony. Both the G2 and City grills have an elegant knob control, while the Frontier grill has the option of the Touch Control or the intuitive IntelliKEN TouchTM and are waterproof. Each stand also features a foldable shelf along with a side rack for storing seasonings, drinks, and more.


All versions of these freestanding grill packages have an output of 120V and plug in to any household outlet. The cooking grates are also engineered so there are no hot or cold zones due to the direct contact of the electric heating element. There is a channel on the bottom of each grate which conceals the element and eliminates the chance of flare-ups. The grill also includes a non-stick coating that eliminates the need for additional oil, resulting in healthier meals and an easy-to-clean product.


The stands range from 38-44 inches in height (depending on the grill model) and are all 40 inches wide with the shelf raised, which makes them perfect for patios and even city balconies. On top of all the great features of this launch, a key one is that a vast majority of buildings or townhouses don’t allow for propane and charcoal grills. The Freestanding Kenyon Grills are fully electric, allowing for year-round grilling inside and outside.


“The new Freestanding Grills are designed to be the perfect partner for the Kenyon lineup without having to choose between grilling solely indoors or outdoors,” said Phil Williams, president of Kenyon International Inc. “Kenyon has always sought to provide their consumer base with innovative and quality products, while solving the problems of everyday cooks to expert grill masters. This new addition will allow our customers to fully choose their experience while also having a stunning, yet functional, statement piece in their outdoor areas.”


Additional features include:

  • Actual cooking temperatures exceeding 550˙F without flare-ups
  • Non-toxic coatings on the non-stick grate are absolutely free from harmful chemicals found in Teflon, enabling you to use the grate without worrying about your health
  • Minimal cleaning hassle as the grate and lid are dishwasher friendly
  • Drip tray that allows users to infuse grilled food with liquids such as beer and wine for added flavor
  • 6’ 120V GFCI protected standard US plug


For more information on the Freestanding Grills click here.

The IBEX Innovation Awards showcase outstanding marine product development to the recreational boating industry and beyond.

The program, managed by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and judged by Boating Writers International (BWI), is one of the marine industry’s most prestigious honors recognizing manufacturers and suppliers who bring new, innovative products to market.


Get the hot take from our Q&A session with the IBEX judges here 


Furnishings and Interior Parts Category Winner: Kenyon International Inc., VDC Grill: Judge Ed Sherman, said, “As an advocate for higher voltage DC systems on boats due to the enhanced efficiency these systems provide, I applaud Kenyon for introducing their 48-volt grill to the industry. Get the LP gas off the boat!

The VDC grill combines our patented IntelliKEN Touch™ control technology with the efficiency of 48V DC power so you can experience flameless, family-sized grill while minimizing power consumption on-board.


All products submitted are being displayed as part of the IBEX Online Experience’s Innovation Way Showcase. 

cruisers yachts 46 cantius

From the wide swim platform that doubles as a patio for the grill station built into the transom to the bow seating/lounging area the layout of the Cruisers Yachts 46 Cantius is designed for comfort and entertaining.


No lid grill

Built into the transom storage on the test boat is an optional Kenyon electric grill under a lid that has a gas assist strut to keep it in place when lifted to the splash back position.


no lid grill

Underneath the grill on the test boat is an optional drawer refrigerator convenient to keep the ingredients fresh before grilling.



Shown is the two-burner cooktop with the cover removed. Note the safety push-switch which disconnects power to the burner when the cover is in place.


Read more here.


Watch first impressions of unboxing and grilling on the G2 Grill for the first time!


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Watch first impressions of unboxing and grilling on the City Grill for the first time!


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