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The All New IBEX Innovation Award Winning VDC 48V Grill

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Innovative, patented cooktops, grills, and accessories, to compliment any marine design.

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Our roots come from the marine industry where superior quality is mandated.  Marine grade stainless steel and waterproof construction backed by unparalleled service by our team.

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Three different sizes, with multiple lids, user controls, and mounting options as well as built-in and free-standing capabilities.  Performance that surpasses gas and charcoal grills without the dangers or liabilities that come with open flame grills. Safety features include automatic shut off timers and insulated lids to prevent accidental burns.

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All Kenyon Marine radiant and induction cooktops meet or exceed ABYC requirements, including cookware retention. Available in many different sizes, configurations, and user controls. Safer cooking, faster heating, easier cleanup, and energy savings come standard with Kenyon’s line of cooktops. All made with high quality Ceramic glass and innovative cooking technology that utilizes the very best components.

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The Kenyon VDC grill is the first 48V battery-operated electric grill, blending innovative design with IntelliKEN Touch control technology for precision in temperature regulation and energy efficiency. Tailored for the marine sector’s transition to 48VDC power systems, it addresses the growing need for high-current accessories. This grill offers substantial cooking space to accommodate family-sized meals while minimizing power consumption.

Kenyon received the 2022 IBEX Innovation Award for the first and only 48V battery-operated grill in the world.

The VDC grill combines our patented IntelliKEN Touch™ control technology with the efficiency of 48V DC power so you can experience flameless, family-sized grill while minimizing power consumption on-board.

The Texan Grill with IntelliKEN Touch Control™ won the 2016 IBEX Innovation Award for Furnishing & Interior Parts.  IntelliKEN is a new waterproof touch control system that integrates the latest in swipe technology with user-friendly features such as Precision Control (PC) and Direct Temperature Feedback (DTF).

At the 2014 METS Trade Show in Amsterdam, Kenyon won the prestigious design award.  The SilKEN® 2 won first place in the category of Interior Equipment, Furnishing, Materials and Electrical Fittings used in Cabin.

In 2014 Kenyon received the IBEX Innovation Award with the SilKEN® Grill Lid.  This product was developed to solve a problem with the traditional way of storing the Kenyon Grill.



At the 2013 IBEX Trade Show, Kenyon received honorable mention in the furnishing & interior parts for the SilKEN® induction cooktop with integral silicone pads.

In 2010, Kenyon SilKEN® was recognized as being one of the most innovative products in the sailboat market. As result, we were honored to receive SAIL magazine’s esteemed Pittmann Innovation Award for SilKEN.

At the METS 2009 Trade Show in Amsterdam, Kenyon received special mention in the cooking category for the Kenyon SilKEN® induction cooktop with integral silicone pads and then won the DAME Most Innovative Product award.

In 2008 Kenyon received special mention at the METS 2008 Trade Show in the challenging DAME design award contest.  The product is the patented PUPS™ cooktop with integrated Pop Up Pot retention System.

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