Radiant and Induction Cooktops for all of your Hospitality project needs

From the guestroom kitchenette to the penthouse suite, solve any size or space requirement with our comprehensive range of ceramic electric cooktops.

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Kenyon Electric Cooktops

Explore the benefits of choosing Kenyon’s specialty cooking appliances

Compact size and voltage options coupled with powerful performance enhance versatility

Knob or Touch Control Radiant options to meet any budget

Touch Control Induction options to satisfy sustainability goals

UL/C-UL and ADA compliant – all Designed and Assembled in the USA

Kenyon exclusive 3-year product replacement warranty

Quality products backed by Exceptional Customer Service

With engineered designs rooted in the marine industry where superior quality is mandated, our shoreside customer service is unparalled and based here in the USA.

Enjoy extended cooking away from home with Kenyon specialty cooking appliances!

Explore our Radiant Cooktops

Available in various 1 & 2-burner sizes and multiple styling options and voltages, our line of radiant electric cooktops provides a safe and easy-to-clean smooth ceramic glass surface, in either knob or touch control models.   Built-in automatic shut-off and child safety lock-out offer the ultimate in user and facility safety and are standard on all touch control models.

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Explore our Induction Cooktops

Available in 2-burners in two voltages, and compact 24” and standard 30” 4-burner sizes. By generating electromagnetic heat in the cooking vessel, the induction cooktop surface remains cool to the touch yielding safer cooking, while at the same time enjoying faster heating, easier cleanup and energy efficiency. All this directly translates to sustainability & utility savings. Patented cooking mat technology captures spills or boil overs and protects the ceramic surface from superficial scratches. Highest quality IGBT components coupled with quality engineering create a premium quality cooking experience.

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