Explore the benefits of choosing Kenyon’s RV cooking appliances

Innovative, patented cooktops, grills, and accessories, to compliment any RV design.

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Up Close Look at the Texan

Unmatched quality and performance

UL Listed Grills for Outdoor and Indoor Use

No open flames, healthy cooking

Energy efficient, and sustainable

Designed and Produced in the USA

Exceptional 5 year warranty

Quality products backed by Exceptional Customer Service

With designs rooted in the marine industry where superior quality is mandated, the only parallel to the product is the level of service provided by our team.

Nobody builds better RV appliances than Kenyon

Explore our line of Electric Grills

Three different sizes, with multiple lids, user controls, as well as built-in and free-standing capabilities.  Performance that surpasses gas and charcoal grills without the dangers or liabilities that come with open flame grills. Safety features include automatic shut off timers and insulated lids to prevent accidental burns.

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Explore our Cooktops

All Kenyon’s radiant and induction cooktops meet UL requirements, including cookware retention. Available in many different sizes, configurations, and user controls.

Safer cooking, faster heating, easier cleanup, and energy savings come standard with Kenyon’s line of cooktops. All made with high quality Ceramic glass and innovative cooking technology that utilizes the very best components.

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