Portable Electric Grills

The portable design and convenient carrying handles make it easy to cook delicious meals from any location.

Indoor/ Outdoor

550˚F cooking temperatures

120V Model

3-year warranty

Preheats in less than 7 minutes

Enjoy your grill every day of the week.

Designed for year-round use, grilling season never has to end.

Prepare healthy and delicious meals with ease rain or shine.

Complete your apartment with a portable grill.

The perfect solution for apartments and condominiums where open flames are prohibited. A concealed element eliminates flare-ups and is virtually smokeless allowing for use indoors or out. Simply plug it in to an electrical outlet and you’re instantly grilling. Kenyon grills are the only grills UL approved for indoor and outdoor use.

The best rated grill and cart package for your backyard.

All of the essential features a griller could want in an affordable package. This lightweight and easy to maneuver grill is perfect for cooking out in the yard, and also excellent for use on city balconies and patios. Handcrafted from marine-grade stainless steel and specially treated to withstand any weather condition.

Grilling inside has never been easier with our portable grill.

Kenyon grills quickly transfer the heat from the concealed electric element, producing the look and taste of high-quality gas grills without any open flames to deposit unwanted material or chemicals onto your food. Cooking directly on top of the element distributes heat evenly across the entire cooking surface. No more hot and cold zones.

What you can expect from your Keyon grill

Flameless and flare-up free

The concealed electric element eliminates grease flare-ups.

Propane and gas alternative

A safe method of grilling without the hazard of open flames.

Easy to use and clean

The non-stick grate can be wiped off with a damp paper towel or placed in the dishwasher.

Frequently Asked Questions

You say that the grills are “flame free” and “smokeless”, is this really true?
So where do the drippings go from the food?
The drip tray will still get hot, what happens when drippings fall into a hot tray, will that cause any smoke?
How easy is my grill to clean?
How long should I preheat my grill?
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Perfect for kitchens, balconies, decks, and grilling on the go.