What do you get the guy who has everything?  Dad tends to be the most difficult to shop for in the family.  We want to show the men in our lives how much we appreciate them this Father’s Day, so we’ve compiled some of our favorite gifts for Dad in our Father’s Day gift guide:


Texan Grill

Gift the aspiring grill master our flagship grill.  For starters, it boasts two grilling surfaces, (2) 1500 watt elements and constructed of the highest quality stainless steel, which is weather resistant and rust proof.  Designed for year-round use so grilling season never has to end!





City Grill

BBQ for all!  The City Grill lets everyone in on the fun of grilling.  Ideal for apartment and condo buildings that restrict gas and charcoal grills on their patios and balconies.  The portable design, convenient carrying handles and ample cooking space makes it easy to cook a delicious meal from the comfort of your kitchen or while relaxing outside.





Side Burner

Let Dad enjoy a fully customized grilling experience by choosing one of our side burners, from portable to built-in units.  The waterproof design allows for use in any weather conditions.






Grill Cart

Give Dad more room by freeing up counter space with our Grill Cart. All accessories can be stored in one convenient place.  Made from high quality stainless steel.







Coated Drip Tray

A permanent solution that will capture dripping fat and juices, preventing flare-ups.  Upgrade from the standard drip trays as this one never needs to be replaced.  The non-stick coating makes it easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.







Dad can go from flipping burgers to making pancakes.  The most essential accessory that will come in handy for most of our breakfast recipes. It is interchangeable with the grate that comes standard with all Kenyon Grills.






Hosting an Outdoor Father’s Day Feast

Gather around the grill with family and enjoy a memorable summer meal by hosting an outdoor Father’s Day feast.  From infused drinks to a simple yet satisfying steak,  we have all of the recipes and tips you need to make him feel special.  Read through our menu suggestions and heat up your grill.








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