City Grill®


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City Grill®

The Kenyon City Grill®, is designed with urban living in mind to exceed the requirements of city fire codes where open flame grilling is prohibited. Its sleek engineering  prevents flare-ups: a perfect fit for indoors in your kitchen or outdoors on your balcony

Due to overwhelming demand, there is currently a 2-3 week lead time from the date of order to ship date.



BBQ for all!  The Kenyon City Grill lets everyone in on the fun of grilling.  Ideal for apartment buildings and condos.  Some grills are approved for indoor use, but do not function properly if left outdoors; while other grills are approved for outdoor use, but produce too much smoke or too many risks to be used indoors.  The Kenyon City Grill is UL approved for Indoor and Outdoor use.

WARNING: California’s Proposition 65

Our customers say

Incredible product…Cooks great and cleans even better.

Pete e.

Excellent product, next best thing if you can’t have an open flame grill!

Michael S.

We have been so pleased with every meal we’ve made and even recommended this grill to friends.

Cheryl R.

Explore the new look of the Kenyon City Grill

This popular grill gets a contemporary upgrade with bold stainless steel handles and new knob. Never miss another opportunity to enjoy all the fresh, grilled flavors you love! If you live in the city, a small apartment or condo, the City Grill is the perfection option as it can be used inside or out. Just plug in the City Grill and fire it up!

Specifications and Dimensions
Cooking Area

155 Square Inches

Power Cord Length




Actual Weight

27 lbs.

Estimated Shipping Weight

38 lbs.


21″ x 12″ x 8 9/16″, 21″ X 12″ 9 3/8″

Lid Type

Faceted Lid

Lid Lock Type

Standard Lid

Flange Type


Build Type


Control Type





11 amp.


Marine-grade stainless steel




Approved for Home Use

Specifications & Dimensions

Explore the Features

Why You'll Love It...

  • Powerful performance - cooking temperatures exceed 500F in 5 minutes, 600F in less than 10 minutes for perfect searing
  • Patented concealed electric element eliminates flare-ups
  • No hot or cold zones due to direct contact between element and cooking grate
  • Non-stick grate imparts characteristic barbeque grill marks and is dishwasher safe
  • Disposable drip tray is located below the element to trap drippings
  • Infuse grilled food with flavor by adding a variety of liquids to the drip tray
  • Removable lid is dishwasher safe
  • Convenient carrying handles for easy transport
  • Push-to-turn knob for precise control
  • Marine-grade 304 stainless is pacivated to be weather resistant and rust proof
  • 120V model is UL Approved for Indoor & Outdoor use
  • 3-Year product replacement warranty
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Capacity of the City Grill

Don’t let the size of the City Grill fool you, as it’s perfectly sized for patios or balconies and has serious power. The ample cooking area makes it possible to perfect that succulent steak and juicy burger.

Serves 4 - 6 People

Image for capacity demonstration purposes only. Actual product model and features may vary.

Image for capacity demonstration purposes only. Actual product model and features may vary.