StacKEN™ Custom-Designed Cookware

Unlike any cookware you’ve ever experienced. Save up to 50% space with unique removable handles and stacking design.

The perfect complement to Kenyon Cooktops

A revolutionary cooking method

Radically change not just the way you cook, but also how it tastes. StacKEN™ lets you create intensely flavorful, naturally vitamin and mineral-rich meals undiluted by water or doused in oil, butter, or other fat and sodium-laden ingredients. With StacKEN™ cookware, meals practically cook themselves – using less energy and fewer ingredients than traditional cooking methods.

Vapor cooking

The secrets to vapor cooking lie in the multi-ply construction and unique shape of our cookware. Each piece of cookware is crafted from seven layers of the highest-quality, American-made metals. The core provides superior and unsurpassed heat conductivity and retention. The core is sandwiched between an interior and exterior layer of T-304 surgical stainless steel, creating cookware that is as durable and easy to clean, as it is beautiful.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you remove stuck-on food?
What is the best heat setting to use with StacKEN™?
What is a Vapor Seal?
Can StacKEN™ be placed in the oven?
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