Coated Drip Tray


Our custom coated aluminum reusable drip tray is perfect for the financially and environmentally conscious consumer! This amazing drip tray is not only dishwasher safe, but it also boasts a non-stick coating. Say goodbye to constantly replacing your drip tray and hello to a more sustainable solution! Remember to add liquid to the tray to protect from smoke, but also to infuse your food with flavor! Experiment with new and exciting flavors by adding wine, apple juice, or even Coca-Cola to your drip tray.


Dimensions: 14.5″ L x 10.5″ W X 3″ D.


Model #: B96007


Direct replacement for the standard disposable trays. Texan Electric Grill requires two of these trays, one for each side. Coated Drip Trays come standard on all IntelliKEN Grills. 


Not compatible with the G2 Grill. 


Kenyon Drip Trays - Video

When you purchase a Kenyon Grill it comes standard with one reusable drip tray. In this grilling tips video see how the drip tray is installed and learn about the coated drip tray.

Our customers say


We started with the foil trays but this is so much better. Cook the food and pop the tray in the dishwasher. Makes summer dinners so easy.

Jennifer R. (verified owner)


Once you spend the money for the grill, the extra money for the pan is a no brainer. Add it to the cart with the grill.

Brandon H. (verified owner)


Finally a tray that is easy to empty,doesn’t leak juices into the bottom of the grill. So easy to remove ,it is more stable than the throw away foil pans.

Lonnie M. (verified owner)