Griddle for G2 Grill


Are you ready to make breakfast the most exciting meal of the day? Go from flipping burgers to flipping pancakes right in your own backyard! With our smooth griddle, you can cook up eggs, pancakes, or anything else you can imagine on a flat surface. This is a direct replacement for the cooking grate on your G2 Grill. So simply swap it out, and get ready to start cooking!


Dimensions:  14.625″L x 14.625″W x 1″H


Model #: B96028


This griddle is only compatible with the G2 Grill, click here for our standard model griddle. 




Clean up has never been easier! Simply pop our griddle into the dishwasher and relax while you enjoy the amazing results of your hard work. Plus, our griddle is double-coated with surgical grade non-stick material, ensuring a flawless cooking experience every time. Get ready to be wowed!