Watch first impressions of unboxing and grilling on the G2 Grill for the first time!


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Watch first impressions of unboxing and grilling on the City Grill for the first time!


@therealphaeton4kast When the wife says I’m in charge of dinner, I bust out the toys… 😈 Can’t beat the set up & easy clean up on this one! 💯 #makeanydayaweekend #grillmaster #dinnerisserved #oneplate @Kenyon Grills ♬ Sunroof – Nicky Youre & dazy

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Get inspired by these grilling recipes that were made on our griddle!


@allie.carte.dishes Breakfast sandwiches on my indoor grill @Kenyon Grills #makeanydayaweekend #fyp #foryoupage #recipe #recipes ♬ original sound – Allie Carte

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@bellyofthepig @Kenyon Grills making it super easy for that proper breakfast/brunch spread. Their griddle accessory is so easy to swap in! 🥓🥞🍳 #MakeAnyDayAWeekend ♬ Summermode – Official Sound Studio

@katsalom Showing you how to #MakeAnyDayAWeekend by using my @Kenyon Grills to whip up some caramelized strawberry shortcake 🍰 🔥 Use the code KSALOM10 for 10% off any Kenyon Electric Grill!🙌🏻 #dessert #KenyonGrillsPartner #starwberry #desserts #poundcake #recipe #recipes #shortcake #grilling #grill #fyp ♬ original sound – Katherine Salom

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Some people watch football for the game, while others are most excited for the snacks! These grilling recipes will score you big points during the game. 🏈


@katsalom #ad With @Kenyon Grills you can #MakeAnyDayAWeekend 🔥 #ad Use code KSALOM10 for 10% off any Kenyon Electric Grill!🙌🏻 #recipe #grilling #sliders #fyp ♬ original sound – Katherine Salom

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@thepedalingpa Tell me what you’re grabbing first 😍🏈 #footballparty #footballfoodideas #foodboard #superbowlparty #mcdonaldshacks @kenyongrills ♬ “The Photo” – </3


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Kenyon G2 Grill Review: A Portable Electric Grill That Turns Your Kitchen Into A BBQ by Dave Johnson

 “The results? Astounding. The G2’s grilling surface gives your meat deep, rich grill marks, and because the 1800-watt grill reaches about 550 degrees at its highest level, it literally only takes a minute on each side to finish off a steak, preserving the redness inside.”

Read full review here.

Kenyon Introduces G2 Grill, a Bold, Compact and Portable Indoor Grill with Family-Sized Capacity


Clinton, Conn., Nov. 1, 2021 – Kenyon International, Inc., a specialty electric grill and cooktop manufacturer, today announces the launch of its newest product, the G2 Grill. Inspired by the features that have made its existing products so popular, the G2 Grill will use the same sleek engineering while offering 35 percent more cooking surface than Kenyon International, Inc.’s other portable counterparts, allowing room for up to eight servings for larger family-size portions. The grill combines the performance of a full-size range with the convenience of portability so users can make meals anywhere, anytime – both indoors and outdoors.



The G2 Grill features a powerful 1800-watt heating element that heats up the 210 square inch grill rapidly and consistently, cooking the thickest steaks and chicken breasts evenly without hot spots. The grill also includes a non-stick grate that eliminates the need for additional oil, resulting in healthier meals and an easy-to-clean product.


Additional features include:

  • Optional warming rack maximizes grilling experience by adding a secondary cooking area, keeping the entire meal warm until ready to serve
  • Non-stick grate imparts characteristic barbecue grill marks
  • Minimal cleaning hassle as the grate is dishwasher friendly
  • Drip tray allows users to infuse grilled food with liquids such as beer and wine for added flavor
  • Marine-grade steel is weather resistant and rust proof for outdoor use

“The G2 Grill is designed to accommodate quality and flavorful meals for the entire family, while also remaining portable so users can cook their favorite grilled meals almost anywhere, no matter the season. We’re excited to add the G2 Grill to our collection of innovative grilling products.” -Phil Williams, President at Kenyon International Inc.

With the introduction of the G2 Grill, Kenyon International, Inc. continues its dedication to product ingenuity and its mission to provide top-of-the-line grilling and cooking options to its customers. The existing Kenyon International, Inc. product lines include premium electric grills and ceramic glass cooktops, designed with the latest cooking technology and available in an assortment of portable or built-in models to fit every individual’s cooking needs.




To celebrate the launch, customers who purchase the G2 Grill between Nov. 1-30, 2021, will receive a free warming rack.

G2 Grill with Warming Rack

Click here, for more information on the G2 Grill or to order for $795.

Pursuit.com featured Kenyon’s Induction Cooktops and Electric Grills as top appliances for your yacht!


“For yacht owners, designing a kitchen equipped to meet the demands of avid onboard entertaining — or to accommodate a long-distance voyage with guests — can be quite the maneuver. Layout planning in a vessel’s galley is essential to maximize every usable inch of space, and you need to find electric appliances that have shallow depth alongside excellent efficiency.”

Click here to read full article.


Made for countertops, grill indoors with the portable Kenyon City Grill


Everyone loves grilled food, but for those unable to put a grill on their balcony, or without a balcony at all, usable grills are currently hard to come by. Kenyon’s updated City Grill is an ideal solution. Its powerful heating element lets it hit temps of 600º F, with a drip tray that keeps the mess down and allows for the infusion of flavors via liquid. 155 square inches of non-stick cooking area let it cook family-sized meals, and its marine-grade stainless steel body looks great on a countertop while offering carrying handles for portability.

Click here for the article on uncrate.com

HotelExecutive.com featured an article, written by Suzanne Owens, Kenyon’s Vice President of Sales, about green & sustainable cooking options for extended stay hospitality.

To meet this demand and capture the opportunity, many hoteliers are converting from limited service to extended stay.  New hotel construction, while quite limited, is for extended stay properties. Additionally, many existing extended stay properties are renovating to keep their suites clean and more appealing.  And along with this comes opportunities for better technologies especially as it relates to the 2-burner cooktop typically found in the guestroom kitchenette.

Click here to read the full article. 

Polenta with Strawberries

With Valentine’s Day approaching, many lovers will share a romantic dinner, often with a menu that involves strawberries! Check out these recipes that involve our favorite plump, red heart shaped fruit! 🍓

Grilled Bagel Breakfast Toasts

Topped with fresh fruit, these yummy grilled bagels are topped with a rich lemon mascarpone spread.




french-toastGrilled Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast

This yummy breakfast French toast can also be served as a quick and simple dessert.






Grilled Fruit Dark Chocolate Fondue

Grilled Fruit Dark Chocolate Fondue

Grilling fruit intensifies their flavor, making it the perfect dipper for a dark chocolate fondue.






A golden crust compliments a creamy center in this heavenly grilled Italian-style dessert.

❤️Check out our full Valentine’s Dinner Date Menu! ❤️