Christmas morning is one of the most magical moments of the entire year.

If there’s one thing that we love most about Christmas, it’s the opportunity to serve delicious meals prepared on our Kenyon Grill with minimal preparation time, so we can get back to enjoying this special day with our loved ones.  Our Christmas morning breakfast menu includes:



The kids will love making our Gingerbread Eggnog or Santa Pancakes, which are easy to make using our Griddle.  Both can be topped with a dollop of sweet-tart cranberry compote and homemade whipped cream.  Round out breakfast with Bacon with Brown Sugar.

Eggnog Pancakes


Omelettes and Eggs

Provide your friends and family with the ultimate customizable breakfast dish – an omelette. Make your own omelette station by placing your Kenyon Grill with Griddle attachment in the center of the table and allow guests to make their own eggs.  You can also offer your guests one of our Breakfast Sandwich or Chorizo Burrito.

Omelettes and Eggs


Breakfast Pizza

A delicious way to dress up bacon and eggs is with our Breakfast Pizza.  Make or buy the dough a day ahead and save yourself so much time.  If you’re serving a crowd, make a few pizzas with a variety of toppings.

Breakfast Pizza


Whether you make these whimsical dishes today or on Christmas morning, these holiday themed treats will make the day even more special!

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