We’ve got all of the Easter party planning and menu ideas you’ll need to entertain in style using your Kenyon Grill!

Set the Scene 

Use fun spring colors, set each table setting and add a chocolate easter egg at everyone’s plate. You can create your own center piece or keep it simple with a fresh vase of spring flowers. Add a butter dish at the table-check your local grocery store for a fun bunny shaped butter!

Start with a Drink

Make your guests feel at ease when they arrive and offer them a drink, may it be iced tea, water, or a glass of wine, or a cocktail. May we suggest a BLT Bloody Mary!

To Start

While your finishing up food for the main course have something small for your guests to snack on such as a cheese platter, veggies and dip or Stuffed Mushrooms.

Main Course 

Easter Sunday is the ultimate spring day so make sure your food reflects that. Try making one (or all) of the classic favorites! Apple-Stuffed Ham, Salmon, or Lamb Chops!



Keep the theme of fresh and spring flavors and grill up some Carrots or Brussel Sprouts.
Brussels sprouts - Recipe


As for dessert we say turn off the grill and shovel in that Easter basket candy, if you still have room!

Happy Easter!

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