Grilling is most associated with the lunch and dinner, a time when burgers, hot dogs, and steak are on people’s minds. But if you’re only grilling in the later hours of the day, you’re missing out, because there are so many breakfast options!


Grilled Breakfast Pizza

A fun way to prepare breakfast. Serve up these egg and bacon pizzas with ketchup on the side.

Grilled Chorizo Breakfast Burritos 

burritoFull of tasty fillings, these burritos are sure to keep you satisfied until lunchtime.

 Blueberry Pancakes

Light and fluffy pancakes filled with juicy blueberries! Makes about 3 cups of batter which yields 12 pancakes.

Breakfast Sandwiches 

An easy and delicious way to take your breakfast to go.

Open-Face Ricotta Toast with Grilled Peaches 

Juicy grilled peaches with creamy ricotta cheese on brioche make the perfect summer breakfast treat.


Remember to enjoy the most important meal of the day with the most important people in your life! 💛

Some recipes call for our Griddle– This is a direct replacement for the cooking grate on ALL of Kenyon’s electric grills. Simply remove the grate and place the griddle in it’s spot and you are ready to cook!


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