The much anticipated summer season has finally arrived and outdoor grilling is in full effect! Celebrate the long, warm days of summer by hosting the ultimate BBQ for your friends and family this 4th of July. Wow your guests with these party tips and summer staples for your most successful cookout yet.


It’s a Party in the USA

Sunshine with a breeze are the desired conditions for any BBQ, however the weather doesn’t always work out in our favor. Make sure to plan for rain or shine and have an indoor setup ready to go. The party won’t stop because of bad weather; your Kenyon Electric Grill can be used both inside and outside.

Invite friends and family and even the neighbors to make it an all out American celebration! Good company, good conversation and great food are the most important ingredients to an unforgettable event.


Red, White, and Boozed

Ice-cold beer and wine are a must for the occasion. Easy to grab and pour with little mess or fuss. Add these beverages that you’ll already have on hand to your grill’s drip tray to infuse a new flavor into your foods.

Chilled beverages are a welcomed relief in the hot summer sun. Also consider making a batch of non-alcoholic grilled peach iced tea ahead of time to set out for guests to help themselves.

Grill It Up

Juicy burgers, steak, ribs, and crispy hot dogs are exactly what you think of when you hear the word BBQ. Prepare your meats the night before your event so they can fully marinate for optimum tenderness and taste. Here are a few recipes we recommend to throw on your Kenyon grill:

Burger Sliders

Grilled T-Bone Steaks

Baby Back Ribs

 Stars, Stripes, & Side Dishes

To compliment the main food event, choose about 2-3 sides. If you were cooking up hamburgers and hot dogs the perfect additions to your feast would be corn on the cob  and grilled potato salad. Fresh or grilled veggies pair well with chicken and steak. To further help in your preparation details, ask guests to bring a side dish so you have more time to relax and enjoy the party.


Let’s Play

It’s always a good idea to have a variety of games on hand to entertain your guests throughout the day. Some favorite summertime activities for all ages are; horseshoes, badminton, ladder ball, and frisbee. If the conditions are right bring out some fun sparklers for everyone!


Sweet Land of Desserts

Let’s not forget about the sweets! Every savory meal needs a sweet note to balance out your taste buds. Summertime meals call for light and airy desserts such as fruits or puddings. Here are some grilled dessert ideas that are sure to be crowd pleasers:

Red, White, and Blueberry  Grilled Puff Pastry Recipe

Tropical Fruit Kabob Recipe


Of course no backyard bash would be complete without your Kenyon Grill! From tender veggies to perfectly seared meats, your guests are sure cheer “God Bless America!

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