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Kenyon Gift Guide - - Kenyon Electric Grills


Discover why people are switching to Kenyon Electric Grills.  Designed to bring professional style grilling to the home kitchen, Kenyon Grills will help everyone on your list to make delicious homemade meals in a flash.  Enjoy the flavor and appealing sear marks of grilled food with virtually no smoke.

Make healthy meals from morning till night!  Kenyon Grills are the essential cooking tool that allow you too cook breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Our grills quickly transfer heat from the concealed electric element and produce the look and taste of high quality gas grills without any open flames to deposit unwanted material or chemicals onto your food.

Tight on space?  Just because they have a small kitchen doesn’t mean they don’t have big cooking dreams.  Our portable grills are ideal for apartments and condominiums that restrict gas and charcoal grills on their patios or balconies.







Kenyon Gift Guide - Grill Accessories


Gift Guide - Griddle


Any breakfast lover would go mad over this griddle, which turn out warm and perfect pancakes every time.  Interchangeable with the grate that comes standard with all Kenyon Grills.  Purchase a Griddle here.






Gift Guide - Coated Drip Tray

Coated Drip Tray

Create bold flavors for anything you throw on the grill by adding wine, apple juice or even soda to the drip tray.  Our custom designed coated aluminum drip tray never has to be replaced.  Purchase a Coated Drip Tray here.






Gift Guide - Grill Utensils

Grill Utensil Kit

The right tools will help your chef master the grill in no time.  This set has everything you need and includes a spatula, fork, tong and basting brush.  Purchase a Grill Utensil Kit here.






Gift Guide - Grill Cart

Grill Cart

Bring your kitchen workspace outdoors with this portable grill cart.  Each cart is constructed of marine-grade stainless steel which is weather resistant and ideal for outdoor use.  The compact design features plenty of room for stowing food and supplies with additional accessories that easily clip on allowing racks for spices and hooks for hanging utensils.  Purchase a Grill Cart here.






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