“So, your idea of a summer barbecue is hamburgers with a side of hot dogs, and you just found out you’ll be hosting some vegetarian guests at your next cookout. What do you do? Can you just buy frozen faux-meat and slap it on the grill? Should you buy a harvest’s worth of corn on the cob and potatoes and call it a day? Don’t panic! There are so many vegetarian grilling options that aren’t just easy, they’re so damn delicious you’ll find yourself skipping a dog or two to fill up on them.

To turn your carnivorous feast into a well-rounded meal that will make your cookout just as amazing for your herbivore pals, we turned to American-made grill specialists Kenyon and veggie-grilling master Brooke Lewy to get the scoop on creating a spectacular vegetarian-friendly cookout experience.”

The Manual featured our Grilled Guacamole Recipe

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