Texan Electric Grill Knob Control 240V with Single Piece Lid


The Texan Electric Grill Knob Control with Single Lid provides functionality and simplicity to this double burner grill.  With two independently controlled zones you can sear steaks on one side while you keep your already grilled veggies warm on the other. The double lined lid insulates the grill to lock heat for great results every time. Only available in 240V, comes with a 240V NEMA 6-15 plug.



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The Texan Electric Grill is designed for the outdoor kitchens or roof decks where gas or charcoal grills can no longer be used.  Utilizing (2) 1500-Watt elements, the Texan will exceed temperatures of 550˚F and is virtually smokeless without any chance of flare-ups. Marine grade stainless steel makes this grill the perfect option to be used on balconies and rooftops across the country.  For more technical information, check out the owners manual under the downloads tab below.




WARNING: California’s Proposition 65

Up Close Look at the Texan Grill

Powerful performance as cooking grate temperatures exceeds 550˚F. Achieve the results you want for any kind of food, from seared steaks to tender grilled vegetables.

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(2) Independent 1500W elements


13 amps.

Actual Weight

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Why You'll Love It...

  • Preheats in less than 7 minutes
  • Powerful performance - cooking temperatures exceed 550˚F for perfect searing
  • Patented concealed electric elements eliminate flare-ups
  • Single piece lid for conventional grill look and feel
  • No hot or cold zones due to direct contact between element and cooking grate
  • Non-stick grates imparts characteristic barbeque grill marks and is dishwasher safe
  • Select between 8 different heat settings for the perfect temperature every time
  • Disposable drip trays are located below the elements to trap drippings
  • Infuse grilled food with flavor by adding a variety of liquids to the drip tray
  • Removable insulated lid helps prevent accidental burns and is dishwasher safe
  • Independent push-to-turn knobs for precise control
  • Marine-grade 304 stainless is passivated to be weather resistant and rust proof
  • Only available in 240 Volts
  • 3-Year product replacement warranty

Capacity of the Texan Grill

The large cooking area of the Texan Grill lend it to large parties or informal gatherings. Equipped with everything you need to grill an entire meal. Grill simultaneously at different heat levels, from searing steaks to gently grilling vegetables.

Serves 8 - 12 People

Image for capacity demonstration purposes only. Actual product model and features may vary.