Coming in at #1 on the Men’s Fitness roundup of 9 indoor cooking tools for the ultimate party is the Kenyon City Grill!

The City Grill brings the bold grill flavors you crave all in the warmth of your own kitchen.

“Achieving real grilled meat flavor inside is no small feat. Usually, would-be pitmasters end up frantically opening windows before billowing smoke can trip the smoke detector’s shrill alarm. But Kenyon has figured out how to making grilling indoors a classy and decidedly low-smoke affair with its line of tabletop grills, like the City Grill. Just set the sleek, stainless-steel beauty on your counter and plug it in for an obsessively engineered grill top (it meets or exceeds city codes that ban open-flame cooking) with no flare ups and minimal smoke, all in the warmth of your own kitchen.”

Check out the full article on Men’s Fitness here:


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