To get the best performance out of your grate/griddle follow these steps:


  • The grate/griddle is naturally non-stick so adding oil or fat (butter, margarine) to the surface is not needed in most situations, lightly oiling before making eggs on the griddle is advisable. Adding these may lead to unnecessary smoke. Cooking with food that has been marinated will not damage the grate or griddle but it should be cleaned off after grilling so it does not bake on. See below for more cleaning tips.


  • To reduce the risk of liquid fully evaporating from the drip tray, do not preheat longer than 10 minutes before placing food on the grill. When liquid evaporates fully from the drip tray there is an increased risk for smoke as well.


  • We recommend using high temperature nylon or silicone utensils on the grate and griddle so the coating is not damaged when tending to the grill. You can find our utensil kit on our website or use your own tools but using metal utensils or wire brushes will damage the coating and damage caused by these types of utensils are not covered under warranty.


  • The easiest way to clean the grate or griddle after using is with a wet paper towel and a pair of tongs immediately after finishing, while still hot. This will prevent marinades or fat from baking onto the surface and make cleaning more difficult. If you have allowed the grate or griddle cool after using, simply turn it back on to warm up and the wet paper towel will still be effective.


  • Occasionally, put the grate or griddle into the dishwasher after it has cooled for a deep clean, this will loosen and remove any materials from the bottom and return the product to excellent condition.


  • Like all non-stick cookware, over time the non-stick properties will begin to fade and food may begin to stick to the grate or griddle, if/when this occurs you can either replace the grate/griddle or use oil prior to throwing food on but be advised this will lead to a chance for increased smoke. If this occurs within 3 years of original purchase, give us a call and we will replace the item for you.

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