Spring Grill

Spring is officially here and we are starting to crave foods associated with the warmer seasons. Make sure your grill is ready to heat up this spring with these cleaning tips.


Stainless Steel Polish

Make your grill sparkling clean again with Cerama Bryte Stainless Steel Polish. Quickly removes fingerprints, water spots, and food stains. Leaves a brilliant, protective streak-free shine! cerma brite

Clean your Grate and Griddle

The easiest way to clean the grate or griddle is with a wet paper towel and a pair of tongs immediately after you finish grilling, while the surface is still warm. This will prevent any marinades or fat from baking onto the surface that can make cleaning even more difficult. If you have allowed the grate or griddle to cool down after using, simply turn it back on to a medium heat setting and the wet paper towel trick will still be effective.

grate cleaning


Occasionally, put the grate or griddle into the dishwasher after it has cooled for a deeper clean, this will loosen and remove any materials from the bottom and return the product to excellent condition.grate

Get the Right Tools

We recommend using high temperature nylon or silicone utensils on the grate and griddle so the coating is not damaged while tending to the grill. Using metal utensils or wire brushes will damage the non-stick coating and damages caused by these types of utensils are not covered under warranty.tool kit

Drip Tray 

Don’t forget about your drip tray contents! After each use you should dump and rinse out the drip tray thoroughly so you have a clean slate every time. We offer a reusable coated aluminum drip tray, for the financially and environmentally conscious consumer, that fits any Kenyon Electric Grills, a direct replacement for the standard disposable trays and is dishwasher safe! drip tray

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Click here for recipes to try out this spring! 

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