Nothing says Memorial Day better than a savory and juicy burger seared on a hot Kenyon grill. Worried that your cheeseburger isn’t the best it can be?  With these 5 easy steps you are on your way to burger perfection.

Our Foolproof Tips

The Right Beef

The best burgers are made from freshly ground, high-grade chuck beef in an 80/20 mix.  Try finding a butcher that grinds fresh meat.


Making the Patties

Gently shape 5-6oz of meat into patties just until they hold together and thick enough so they will pick up a grill flavor without overcooking.  The patty should be about 1-inch thick.


Cool the Patties

Chill your patties in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to an hour before you grill them.  They will hold together better and cook more evenly.


The Secret Tip

Make an indentation in the center of each patty with your thumb to help its shape will cooking.


Don’t Press

Never press down on a burger with a spatula when it is on the grill. By pressing down you push out the flavorful juices.


Our Favorite Burger Recipes

This burger is sweet, tangy, crunchy, meaty, and delicious!  Perfect for any game day or picnic.

Slider burgers are a fun alternative to traditional-size hamburgers, perfect for parties!

Pork Burgers Stuffed with Caramelized Onions and Cheddar Cheese

Get Memorial Day and 4th of July ready with these juicy and delicious stuffed burgers!  Sure to please a crowd and have your friends begging for the recipe.

Our Pork Stuffed Burgers are easy to make.  See for yourself!

trend hunter

The City Grill was also featured on Trend Hunter, a publication that focuses on the latest trends and products, receiving a 9.5/10 grade.

“The redesigned Kenyon City Grill is crafted with marine-grade 304 stainless steel that enables it to be both rust-proof and weather-resistant to make it suited for use in outdoor areas where a power outlet is present.”

Read Full Feature Here. 


A writer from Forbes wrote a review about his experience using the City Grill titled ‘A Portable Electric Grill For The Balcony’.

 “We’ve used it at least eight or 10 times during the pandemic so far, and have been pleased. Unlike with my Weber, I never burned food once with the Kenyon.”


Read Full Article Here.


Uncrate, a leading buyer’s guide for men, featured the City Grill on their website.

“Everyone loves grilled food, but for those unable to put a grill on their balcony, or without a balcony at all, usable grills are currently hard to come by. Kenyon’s updated City Grill is an ideal solution. Its powerful heating element lets it hit temps of 600º F, with a drip tray that keeps the mess down and allows for the infusion of flavors via liquid. 155 square inches of non-stick cooking area let it cook family-sized meals, and its marine-grade stainless steel body looks great on a countertop while offering carrying handles for portability.”

View Full Article Here


Kenyon was mentioned in Man of Many, a luxury men’s interest publication, titled ‘$1.3 Million Azimut Verve 47 Yacht Marries Italian Class with North American Design’.

“The yacht comes with plenty of amenities, such as a fold-down diving platform on the port side, a pop-up 54-inch color television, Kenyon grill and two-burner infrared stove, and a refrigerator and icemaker.”

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cool things

The City Grill was featured in Cool Things, a publication that focuses on new gear and gadgets, titled ‘Kenyon City Grill: This Indoor Grill Lets You Cook A Family-Sized Meal In One Go’.

“The Kenyon City Grill is actually an updated version of a similar model from a few years back. It retains much of what made the original so good, while throwing in contemporary touches that make it much more complementary to most home kitchens.”

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gadget gram

The City Grill was featured in an article on Gadget Gram, an online technology news source, consisting of product reviews, technology news and the latest tech trends. The article is titled ‘Kenyon City Grill – High-Quality Handcrafted Portable Electric Grill for Urban Living’.

“This portable electric grill is durable, reliable, super safe to use, works flawlessly and provides a very high heat that ultimately lets you get both perfect and delicious grill marks as well as a high sear that’s guaranteed to always deliver some delicious and brown crusty bits, no matter what foods you decide to grill next.”

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The City Grill was featured on Imdoldn, a men’s lifestyle publication, titled ‘BBQ From Home With The Flame-Free Kenyon City Grill’.

“A drip tray captures the juices from meats to easily baste whatever you’re grilling with au jus to achieve a deeply layered flavor. The marine-grade stainless steel body of the grill looks great indoors or outside, or you can grab the griddle attachment and get your pancake-making on virtually anywhere. Since the grill doesn’t emit an open flame, it can be used inside for that open-air barbecue taste without any of the smoke.”

Read Full Article Here


Werd is a website with a constant quest to find products making a difference.

The City Grill was featured in an article in Werd, a publication that focuses on reviews and new products, titled ‘Indoors or Out, the City Grill is a Compact Performer’.

“Ideal for apartment buildings, condos, and other small spaces, Kenyon’s City Grill will keep you cooking through quarantine. UL approved for indoor and outdoor use, this compact electric & flame-free stainless-steel grill offers 155 sq. inches of cooking space and produces cooking temps of 500º in just 5 minutes.”

Click here for full article.

city grill

For the mom that goes the extra mile, gift her with something  unique that she’ll use all the time! We want to show the women in our lives how much we appreciate them this Mother’s Day, so we’ve compiled some of our favorite gifts for Mom in our Mother’s Day gift guide:





Frontier Portable Grill

Enjoy perfectly grilled food all year round with the Frontier Portable Grill. Stylish on the outside and cooks a delicious burger on the inside! Giving Mom plenty of cooking space that’s ideal for entertaining.


City Grill

BBQ for all!  The City Grill lets everyone in on the fun of grilling.  Ideal for apartment and condo buildings that restrict gas and charcoal grills on their patios and balconies.  The portable design, convenient carrying handles and ample cooking space makes it easy to cook a delicious meal from the comfort of your kitchen or while relaxing outside.


Grill Utensil Kit

Every great chef is measured not only by the foods they make but also by the tools they use to make them.


Grill Cart

Give Mom more room by freeing up counter space with our Grill Cart. All accessories can be stored in one convenient place.  Made from high quality stainless steel.


Coated Drip Tray

A permanent solution that will capture dripping fat and juices, preventing flare-ups.  Upgrade from the standard drip trays as this one never needs to be replaced.  The non-stick coating makes it easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.



Mom can go from flipping burgers to making pancakes.  The most essential accessory that will come in handy for most of our breakfast recipes. It is interchangeable with the grate that comes standard with all Kenyon Grills.


The Perfect Mother’s Day Brunch

Say thanks to the woman who taught you all of her favorite recipes by cooking her the perfect brunch on your Kenyon Electric Grill.  Whether Mom prefers a leisurely breakfast in bed or family brunch around the table, you’ll delight her with these Grilled Bagel Breakfast Toasts.

Click here for more fun grilled breakfast ideas.


Our Frontier Grill was ranked “Best Portable Electric Grill for 2020” by CNET.


“Many apartment buildings, even those with outdoor spaces and verandas, don’t allow gas or charcoal grills that heat with actual fire. If that’s the case, this electric grill is the perfect solution. What we love about this electric grill versus other griddles or similar units is how searingly hot it gets and how fast it gets there.”

Read full article here.