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Billy Costa brings the premier food, dining, and entertainment program, Dining Playbook, to NESN, the Flagship Network of the Boston Red Sox. Dining Playbook celebrates New England’s two favorite pastimes: food and sports with help from the regions best known hosts, athletes and tastemakers.

Kenyon was featured on their Home Cooking Heroes segment. For those who miss grilling outside while we’re stuck inside, we have you covered with our electric grill! Chef PJ is showing Billy how to create the perfect steak dinner and burgers using a Kenyon Grill, and this is one staple meal you can’t miss out on.

Thank you Chef PJ Lewis of Simon’s Marketplace (Chester, CT).

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To get the best performance out of your grate/griddle follow these steps:


  • The grate/griddle is naturally non-stick so adding oil or fat (butter, margarine) to the surface is not needed in most situations, lightly oiling before making eggs on the griddle is advisable. Adding these may lead to unnecessary smoke. Cooking with food that has been marinated will not damage the grate or griddle but it should be cleaned off after grilling so it does not bake on. See below for more cleaning tips.


  • To reduce the risk of liquid fully evaporating from the drip tray, do not preheat longer than 10 minutes before placing food on the grill. When liquid evaporates fully from the drip tray there is an increased risk for smoke as well.


  • We recommend using high temperature nylon or silicone utensils on the grate and griddle so the coating is not damaged when tending to the grill. You can find our utensil kit on our website or use your own tools but using metal utensils or wire brushes will damage the coating and damage caused by these types of utensils are not covered under warranty.


  • The easiest way to clean the grate or griddle after using is with a wet paper towel and a pair of tongs immediately after finishing, while still hot. This will prevent marinades or fat from baking onto the surface and make cleaning more difficult. If you have allowed the grate or griddle cool after using, simply turn it back on to warm up and the wet paper towel will still be effective.


  • Occasionally, put the grate or griddle into the dishwasher after it has cooled for a deep clean, this will loosen and remove any materials from the bottom and return the product to excellent condition.


  • Like all non-stick cookware, over time the non-stick properties will begin to fade and food may begin to stick to the grate or griddle, if/when this occurs you can either replace the grate/griddle or use oil prior to throwing food on but be advised this will lead to a chance for increased smoke. If this occurs within 3 years of original purchase, give us a call and we will replace the item for you.

Kenyon Customer Service can be reached at: kenyonservice@nullcookwithkenyon.com

Or by phone at: (860) 664-4906

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The City Grill was reviewed on SWAGGER.

city grill

“The Kenyon City Grill has the aesthetics of a built-in grill and also gives you the convenience of portability. Outdoors on summer afternoons or indoors on a cold winter evening, the Kenyon City Grill is your go-to product for Barbecuing. Don’t get caught without a Kenyon this summer or winter. Taking the grill indoors is not an option for traditional coal or wood-burning Barbecues.”


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Esquire included the City Grill in an article ‘20 Cool Camping Gadgets to Pack on Your Imminent Escape into Nature’.

“Now, this grill requires a plug (which really isn’t a problem these days), but it’s still portable as long as you’re not going on a trek to get to the campsite. The City Grill was designed for terraces, beaches, and camping, and operates as closely to a full fledged grill as possible. The cook you get on this thing is impressive. Plus, when you’re not in the tree-ridden wilderness but the taxi- and smog-ridden city, it’s still useful.”

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Forbes featured the City Grill in an article titled ‘Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Tools For The Grill Master’.

“This portable grill is versatile because it can be used indoors or out, which is great for grilling when it’s not the season. It also has a non-stick grate, which will make cleaning way easier.”

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SWAGGER, a luxury men’s lifestyle publication, wrote a featured review of the Frontier Portable Grill titled ‘Kenyon Grill’ .


“Clean up is a breeze with your new Kenyon Frontier Portable Grill as the grate is non-stick and dishwasher safe. Let me repeat that the grill is dishwasher safe. The sleek design continues to impress with electronic dials that are easy to use and adjust the temperature to your needs at the touch of a button.”

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gear diary

Gear Diary, a publication that reviews gadgets, wrote a full feature on the City Grill titled ‘Enjoy Big Grill Flavor in Small Spaces with the Kenyon Portable City Grill’ – it’s clear she loved the ability to grill again while in her condo! 

“The fact that cleanup is an absolute snap, food cooks evenly and quickly, and the whole grill is light enough to stash away when not in use makes the Kenyon Portable City Grill a must-own!”

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Forbes, included the Frontier IntelliKEN Grill in an article titled ‘5 Great Options For High-Tech Memorial Day Grilling’.

“Not everyone has the option of grilling outdoors. Or maybe you have a balcony where traditional grills are banned. Either way, you can still enjoy the full Memorial Day grilling experience with a Kenyon IntelliKEN electric Grill. These are premium electric grills, with a high quality stainless steel design, precision temperature, and touch controls. They are smokeless and also support Amazon Alexa.”

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well + good

Well+Good included the City Grill in their round-up of “The 8 Best Compact Grills For Your Little Kitchen, Small Balcony, or Tiny Backyard”


“Memorial Day is right around the corner, but for many in the U.S., visiting friends for a barbecue or hitting up your favorite rooftop restaurant won’t be an option. If your summer holiday nightmares are fueled by sad images of boiled hot dogs, fear not—you have options. Even if you don’t have sprawling outdoor space, you can do your best to celebrate this year with by cooking on compact grills.

Best compact grill for inside and outside

“If you want the flexibility of a grill that can be used both inside and out, this sleek model from Kenyon is the one for you. Designed for those living in apartment buildings and condos, this grill can be used on your balcony or in your kitchen. While any indoor grill can technically be used outside, this one is designed to withstand the elements so it can also be left outside”


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Well+Good is known for its impeccable reporting and trend-spotting on the healthy living beat



Nothing says Memorial Day better than a savory and juicy burger seared on a hot Kenyon grill. Worried that your cheeseburger isn’t the best it can be?  With these 5 easy steps you are on your way to burger perfection.

Our Foolproof Tips

The Right Beef

The best burgers are made from freshly ground, high-grade chuck beef in an 80/20 mix.  Try finding a butcher that grinds fresh meat.


Making the Patties

Gently shape 5-6oz of meat into patties just until they hold together and thick enough so they will pick up a grill flavor without overcooking.  The patty should be about 1-inch thick.


Cool the Patties

Chill your patties in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to an hour before you grill them.  They will hold together better and cook more evenly.


The Secret Tip

Make an indentation in the center of each patty with your thumb to help its shape will cooking.


Don’t Press

Never press down on a burger with a spatula when it is on the grill. By pressing down you push out the flavorful juices.


Our Favorite Burger Recipes

This burger is sweet, tangy, crunchy, meaty, and delicious!  Perfect for any game day or picnic.

Slider burgers are a fun alternative to traditional-size hamburgers, perfect for parties!

Pork Burgers Stuffed with Caramelized Onions and Cheddar Cheese

Get Memorial Day and 4th of July ready with these juicy and delicious stuffed burgers!  Sure to please a crowd and have your friends begging for the recipe.

Our Pork Stuffed Burgers are easy to make.  See for yourself!

trend hunter

The City Grill was also featured on Trend Hunter, a publication that focuses on the latest trends and products, receiving a 9.5/10 grade.

“The redesigned Kenyon City Grill is crafted with marine-grade 304 stainless steel that enables it to be both rust-proof and weather-resistant to make it suited for use in outdoor areas where a power outlet is present.”

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