‘Woman Getting Married’ is a wedding website dedicated to bringing bride-to-be’s the information they are desperately searching for.  From how much wedding rentals cost to help finding a dream wedding venue within their budget. WGM wrote a review on our Floridian Grill as a great option for couples to add to their registry!


“Since my husband Cory and I recently moved into an apartment that has outdoor space we can actually use (compared to our last two apartments where our patios were basically just for show), we have been SO excited to spend all our time outside.

One of the first things we wanted to get (besides patio furniture) when we moved in was a grill. Because we live in a high-rise apartment building, however, gas and charcoal grills (basically anything with an open flame) are not allowed, so we knew we needed to get an electric grill. Plus, even though we have a good amount of space outside, the grill still needed to be compact and portable. We also wanted something that looked nice that we wouldn’t mind being on display. The search was on!”

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