The Secret to Efficient Electric Grills.

How are Kenyon Electric Grills smokeless and flare-up free? We’re glad you asked! First, we need to explain why smoke and flare-ups are caused on electric grills. In many cases, smoke is caused when the drippings from the food that is being cooked come in contact with the heating element. This can also cause flare-ups if the element is hot enough and the drippings are grease. Why would the drippings come in contact with the element? Many grills place the heating element up to 2 inches away from the actual grilling surface and are left exposed underneath. Our patented design places the heating element in a concealed channel on the bottom of the grilling surface. See images below.

Electric Grill

Image 2

Electric Grill

Image 1









With the element concealed in this channel, the drippings fall harmlessly into the removable drip tray underneath. For tips on getting the most out of your drip tray, click here. This placement not only removes the chance of drippings hitting the element and causing smoke or flare-ups, but it also provides for zero heat loss between the element and the grilling surface and therefore allows for more efficient grilling. By being in a channel underneath the grill “grate” as we call it, the grate receives completely even heat which can be entirely covered with food while still being cooked evenly. See image 3 below. This also has allowed us to manufacture the only grills available that are UL listed for indoor and outdoor use, so you can grill anywhere, anytime! Not only does our element placement differ from our competition, it serves as an advantage to achieving the best results, every time. To find the grill that suits you best, start here.


Electric Grill

Image 3

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