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Grill quickly and easily. I have used gas grills from the “big boys” for years and there was always the challenge of getting all of the food done at the same time and to perfection. It was like musical chairs – having to constantly move food from the hot spots to the cooler spots to make sure everyone’s steaks were done just right and at the same time. Well I saw the Texan Grill at a show and was impressed so I bought one and installed it on my deck. It has very even heat distribution and can get very very hot quickly, which is really nice when you want to do a quick meal. The clean up was so easy. The guy at the show told me to place paper towels on the grate and pour water over the towel and then use the tongs to move it back and forth to clean the grate. Once the grate is cooled just put in the dishwasher. Can’t get much easier than that. I have used it with all types of foods and have been more than satisfied. There is very little smoke and have never had a flare up which makes my wife very happy.  She has even used it! Great product and worth the money.

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