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Jul 16, 2019 - kenyonteam

John S’s Review-Texan IntelliKEN Touch™ Grill

Cooking with Kenyon on the phenomenal Texan Grill is a life changing experience! Here’s why: -Phenomenal, outstanding product – precisely engineered and designed! World Class Quality! -A customer-centric focused company of employees treated as family members! -A company where all employees take utmost pride in their work! -Most beautiful addition to our outdoor kitchen on the lanai – the place to be at our residence! -Grilling with Kenyon: now “de rigueur” at our place. -Easy to use – Easy to clean – Smokeless – Perfectly grilled meals! Most healthy way to cook! -Steaks – Hamburgers – Hot Dogs – Fish – Shell Fish – Pork – Chicken – Lamb – Sausage and oh! – Vegetables – Fruit – Eggs – French Toast – Simple Grilled to wonderful Stuffed Sandwiches -Incredible Flexibility with temperature settings whether using grates or the griddles! -Finest grilling utensils beyond any others! -Customer service and responsiveness that is truly benchmark! -Phone calls or emails always answered promptly and accurately. -What pleasure this company provides for its customers! The customer’s experience with Kenyon surpasses any customer experience ever! My message to ALL Kenyon people in Clinton, CT! In your bucolic setting of Clinton on Long Island Sound, your pride in your work, your attention to detail, and your focus on producing the finest cooking products in the world is obvious! I sincerely thank you!

-John Sammet – Kenyon Customer with Pride and Total, Extraordinary Satisfaction


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