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Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Happy

“If you’re a dedicated prepper, you’ve already got your bug-out bag, coronavirus prepping and pandemic prepping sorted out, with shelves full of rice and beans and bottles of water and gasoline. But for the rest of us, those trying to keep living our fairly normal lives while stuck at home, the stuff that can help us stay happier and more comfortable through the coming fall and winter months looks a little bit different.”

















“The Kenyon City Grill is different from its electric peers because it is  a smokeless portable indoor/outdoor grill fully suited for all weather conditions, with  a patented concealed electric element that eliminates flare-ups from dripping fat, and because it is in contact with the grate, it eliminates the random hot and cold spots typical of gas grills, giving you more consistent temperature control. It also heats up very quickly, reaching 500° in less than 5 minutes and 600° in less than ten. The grate itself is non-stick and ideal for delicate fish or veggies, but still gives the colorful grill marks many cooks covet, and is dishwasher safe, as is the removable lid, while a disposable drip tray completes the easy clean up…”

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