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Stephen H’s Review

I live in an environment that is harsh on grills. The salty air and frequent storms beat up even the best propane grills. I decided it was time for a change… I wanted a grill that was a high quality stainless steel and portable enough that I could take it indoors during a storm. Frankly, I got tired of spending several hundreds of dollars every two years on a new grill. Initially, I was not looking for an electric grill because I never heard anything good about how they cook. After a lot of research into all types of grills, I decided on the Kenyon because of the quality of their grill construction and stainless steel, their ability to be used indoors or outdoors, no smoke while cooking (big plus), and the many positive reviews on various websites. I must admit, after it arrived, it took a while for me to accept this grill… it is so small and compared to my propane grill seemed inferior. Then I cooked with it and was amazed! I first cooked some chicken breasts, they came out wonderful… the Kenyon cooked very evenly and left perfect sear marks on each breast; they came out tender and juicy. Next, was a 2.20 lbs Ribeye (roast) steak. With my propane grill, I could cook them to a perfect medium rare, nicely seared on the outside, and tender and juicy. Surprisingly, the Kenyon cooked the steak better, more evenly with better sear marks, and very juicy. Also, no flare-ups or smoke. The surface temperature on the Kenyon grill is so even, it is very easy to precisely cook meat how you like it. However, with the steak, there is a slight difference in flavor (not one better than the other) with the Kenyon versus a propane or charcoal grill. My last cooking experience was with extra thick pork chops with a homemade dry rub. Normally, I brine any pork before cooking it, but this time I did not have the time to, so only a dry rub and straight to the grill. My Kenyon-cooked pork chops came out better than on my propane grill. Because of how even the grill surface temperature is, I was able to cook the pork chops to a perfect medium, medium rare, lots of juice and a wonderful flavor. Whenever I cook, I always use a high quality thermometer to check the meat, but the Kenyon makes it easier to predict when what I am cooking will be done the way I like it. I am convinced, this is one of the best grills I have ever owned… excellent!!!


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