Clinton, CT – The SilKEN® 2 Induction Cooktop by Kenyon, received special mention at the 55th Genoa Boat Show. The jury composed by ADI (Association for Industrial Design) and IBI (International Boat Industry) have recognized the SilKEN® 2 “for having integrated aesthetic, functional and safety aspects related to the use of appliances of the kitchen on board during the navigation”.

The SilKEN® 2 is the future of induction cooking and offers cooking by temperature or power setting, quick heat dissipation, easy clean up, pot retention and user-friendly controls. The SilKEN® 2 was also awarded the Excellence In Design Bronze award, and the DAME innovation award. Kenyon is proud to receive these distinguished recognitions for their patented induction cooking system.

Kenyon products are backed by uncompromising quality and an exclusive 3-year product replacement warranty. Make Any Day A Weekend with Kenyon!

Click here to watch a video on the SilKEN® 2 Induction Cooktop

SilKEN® 2

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