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Texan Built-In Split Lid Electric Grill with IntelliKEN Touch Control

This built-in grill in 240V gets an upgraded control system to re-define the electric grill. With new IntelliKEN controls, you can now have more precise control over the temperatures with the grill. Choose from temperature mode (F and C) or from 1-16 heat settings using the swipe of your finger across the control. Featuring (2) 1500-Watt elements, you will be ready to grill in less than 10 minutes, reaching temperatures in excess of 550 degrees. This dual zone electric grill is the perfect solution for those who want to upgrade their outdoor patio or balcony and really impress the neighbors. The angled lid style of the grill provides a flat top surface and a familiar look for those who want the look of a traditional grill. Marine grade 304 stainless steel is guaranteed to never rust. Backed by an unparalleled 3-year replacement warranty on all electrical components.


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