CLINTON, CT – Kenyon International Inc, a specialty electric grill manufacturer, recently introduced its newest product, the SilKEN® Grill. Ideal for those grilling in small spaces with little storage area, the SilKEN® Grill boasts a collapsible lid to ensure consumers don’t have to compromise the quality of their grilled food due to limited space. In addition to its compact size, the grill’s lid also stays cool to the touch and prevents accidental burns due to its silicone lid.

With the introduction of the SilKEN® Grill, Kenyon continues its mission to provide top of the line, innovative grilling options to its customers. Whether on a boat, in an RV, a small apartment or even your backyard, the SilKEN® Grill is perfect for all. The use of silicone allows the grill lid to collapse to a height of just two inches for easy use and storage. The lid and other parts of the grill, such as the grate, detach for quick and easy cleaning.

“The SilKEN® Grill is the latest addition to our line of unique grilling products that go beyond the traditional backyard BBQ,” said Phil Williams, president at Kenyon International, Inc. “For our customers looking to grill in a small kitchen or on the open water in their boat, this new product is the ultimate convenience and completely solves the issues associated with traditional oversized grills.”

The SilKEN® Grill’s lid is made from high temperature silicone, which features an insulation quality that allows for both fast and even distribution of heat. The handles are also reinforced so that they remain cool to the touch throughout use. As with all Kenyon grills, its newest product is smokeless and flameless, an important safety feature for consumers looking to use the grill indoors or in other non-traditional grilling environments.

“We originally began manufacturing grills after realizing the boating industry lacked safe marine grilling options, and ever since then we’ve been dedicated to seeking out new ways to improve the grilling experience,” adds Williams. “After realizing so many of our customers utilized our products in unique grilling environments, where space is often limited, we sought to create an even more efficient and space-saving product. The SilKEN® Grill is truly a game changer for our customers.”

The SilKEN® Grill is designed for use in any environment, with a focus on efficiency in small spaces. The new model is made with marine grade stainless steel and features a sleek Space Grey color lid.

Kenyon products are backed by uncompromising quality and an exclusive 3-year product replacement warranty. Make Any Day A Weekend with Kenyon!


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