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The Time Has Come For Electric Grills

“Today’s premium outdoor electric grills solve issues that have long bridled the electric category: lackluster searing, marginal quality, and size limitations. New cutting-edge units are made from quality materials, have larger cooking surfaces, attractive designs, multiple mounting options, and most importantly, incorporate patented technology and engineering that boosts temperature and performance.

Usually, most people know of a George Foreman-type grill or a grill pan on the stove. We’ve had to educated people that there are options that deliver true grilling results

Electric grill manufacturers are also upping their consumer-marketing efforts to increase awareness about the category. We’re taking a fun, engaging, and creative approach toward educating the consumer.”


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Hearth & Home is a trade journal serving the hearth, barbecue and patio furnishing industries. Established in 1980, Hearth & Home is the leading magazine in its field. 


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