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Happy Cheese Lovers’ Day! Grilling Recipe Ideas.

January 20th this year is National Cheese Lovers’ Day, and of course that was something worth marking in our calendar! There’s a reason grilled cheese is so popular – grills […]

Jan 20


January 20th this year is National Cheese Lovers’ Day, and of course that was something worth marking in our calendar! There’s a reason grilled cheese is so popular – grills and cheese are a match made in heaven. Our last blog post was all about fresh, healthy foods, but the calorie-conscious should probably avert their eyes now because we sought out the most delicious and cheesy grilled food recipes for this list.

We understand that many people avoid putting overly-cheesy foods on the grill because of the mess it makes and the possibility of dangerous, food-ruining flare-ups if the cheese or any grease drips from the food. With a Kenyon All Seasons™ grill, there are absolutely no flare-ups and the grill plate or griddle are easily-removable and dishwasher-safe. No mess, virtually no cleanup, and no danger! You can even feel free to grill these cheesy masterpieces indoors. Visit our line of Kenyon Grills here.

Grilled Cheesy Peppers

We chose this first recipe because it is so versatile and it’s actually not too unhealthy. From comes these cheesy peppers:

While she uses queso fresco inside of mini sweet peppers, there are plenty of possibilities for this recipe. For peppers, we also recommend jalapenos, poblanos, and bell peppers. As far as the cheese goes, the sky is the limit (use whatever you have leftover in your fridge!), but we recommend trying a mix of goat cheese and cream cheese. If you like peppers on your cheeseburger, try making these ahead of time and using them as a burger topping instead.

Grilled Cheesy Peppers Recipe Kenyon

Cheesy Grilled Corn

This next recipe is from the guys at GrillinFool who are experts at creating great grilling combinations. This Cheesy Grilled Corn is fantastic, whether for a summer cookout or a side for an everyday dinner.

The best part is that it’s not any more difficult than grilling the corn and topping it with a few ingredients. If you know how to grill corn, you’re golden! If you don’t, don’t worry, it’s ridiculously easy.

The guys at Grillin’ Fool give their directions for grilling corn here.

Grilled Cheesy Apple Pie Chicken Burger

Next up is an incredible chicken-burger creation posted by Missy T. on, the “Grilled Cheesy Apple Pie Chicken Burger.” (A mouthful – both in speaking and eating!)

This recipe is far easier than it seems and has incredible depth of flavor with sharp cheddar cheese, chopped apples, and a small amount of cinnamon and nutmeg. To make it a ‘Cheese-Lovers celebration food,’ top with an extra slice of cheddar cheese. We recommend filling your Kenyon drip pan with apple juice in order to infuse even more of the great apple flavor into the burger.

For the full Grilled Cheesy Apple Pie Chicken Burger recipe, click here.

Cheddar Bacon Grilled Pull-Apart Bread

Of course we couldn’t go through all our favorite cheesy recipes without including something with bacon. This pull-apart bread was created by the genius minds at Grillin’ Fool, (yep, same creators of the cheesy corn!) and we adore them for it.

The pull-apart bread is extremely easy to make. Just slice into a large, round loaf of bread (being careful not to cut all the way through), then load it up with cheddar cheese and shredded bacon, topping it with melted butter mixed with ranch dressing powder mix. The result is melty, delicious bits of bread that you can pull off and eat one-by-one. It’s great to share at a party! Or eat by yourself. We won’t judge.

The pull-apart bread begins wrapped in tinfoil in order to let everything melt and bake evenly, but finishing it on a Kenyon grill is the key for making this bread perfect.

View the GrillinFool’s full recipe for the Grilled Cheesy Bacon Pull Apart Bread by clicking here.

100% Cheese Grilled Cheese

Our final cheese recipe is extra-indulgent. Go big or go home, right? Nick at Dude Foods had a stroke of genius when he created this 100% cheese Grilled Cheese sandwich.

Yes, it literally is 100% cheese. Evidently, there is a product (in Wisconsin, at least) called “Bread Cheese” which is basically just cheese with a bread-like consistency. When Nick saw this, he knew what had to be done. This 100% grilled cheese is extremely simple to make- the only difficult part is in finding the bread cheese. For those of us who don’t live in Wisconsin, Halloumi cheese is another option that grills well without melting.

For the full 100% cheese Grilled Cheese recipe, click here.

If the above recipe is a little bit too much cheese for you, check out our board of incredible grilled cheese recipes and combinations that can’t be beat. There’s a grilled cheese for everyone!


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