What to do with your Drip Tray.

We often get asked: why should I add water to the drip tray of my Kenyon grill? Well we know from our last post what typically causes smoke and flare-ups with electric grills, and since we have eliminated the possibility for smoke or flare-ups that way, we should be all set, right? Almost, we recommend adding liquid to the drip tray for two reasons, the first being if you do not add liquid and then heat up your grill, the hot drippings from the food can cause smoke when the drippings hit the hot (dry) tray below- so by adding liquid it acts as a buffer and you will not have any smoke!


Secondly, and most important, is that the liquid keeps your food juicy while cooking. Due to the proximity of the tray to the heating element, the liquid will get warm and some of it will evaporate, which creates steam and thus it will infuse into your food to add a kiss of flavor of whatever liquid you are using. Check out this video for some tips on which beverages go best with which foods!

Here’s another resource to help you choose which trays work best for you.

Let us know what beverages or liquids you add to your grill in the comments below!

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