Hosting a squad of football fans for the Championship game? Get ready to score some serious points with a touchdown worthy, crowd pleasing, Kenyon electric grilling station for home tailgating at it’s finest.

Grilling Station

The best part about watching football, besides cheering on your favorite team, is the classic game day comfort food! Get creative and set up an interactive electric grilling station to keep your guests entertained during any down time or half time. Plate a variety of assorted ingredients (pre-cook any meats) so guests can prepare and grill anything from personalized mini pizzas, burgers, hotdogs, pigs in a blanket, sandwich melts and more! Sit back and let the crowd go wild.

Pregame Prep

Huddle up your team and decide on the menu in advance. Make your ultimate shopping list, draft your grilling quarterback and get your food in formation ahead of the game.

Focus on appetizers and foods that are easy to pick up with out the need for utensils.

Make sure there is something for everyone on your guest list, including kids, vegetarians or anyone with dietary restrictions.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 12.02.21 PM

Go the Extra Yard

Get in the spirit and help cheer on your team from home with balloons, tablecloths, streamers and pennants in your team colors. For the divided household,  split your table at the 5o yard line and represent each team/color per side.

Make sure the traffic flow for the food is setup far enough away from the television, you don’t want any hungry guests intercepting the view!


Have your food ready to go on the grill sidelines. Prepare and plate each dish and cover with aluminum foil. Make sure your meat is pre-marinated or seasoned and has reached room temperature just before placing on the grill.

Got a beverage on hand? Of course you do! So why not pour a little into the grill’s drip tray? Water already needs to be added, but by pairing either beer, wine, or soda you can compliment and infuse flavor to your grilled food.

Now give yourself a high five because you just WON the day!  Now whether or not your team did, that’s another story…


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