Food Network featured the City Grill in an article called Are ‘Smokeless Grills Really Smokeless?’.

A smokeless grill is ideal for small spaces like an apartment or a small outdoor patio. In fact, Kenyon’s City Grill is aptly named for that specific intention, designed with urban living in mind and a perfect fit for an indoor kitchen or a small balcony. This grill is approved for indoor and outdoor use, and with a nonstick grate and disposable drip tray it’s easy to achieve a perfect sear without any scary flare ups. Therefore, it’s particularly perfect for those who love the grilling experience but don’t have space for a traditional one. The powerful heating system climbs to 500 degrees in five minutes and can exceed 600 degrees in just 10 minutes. Its removeable lid is dishwasher-safe and the stainless-steel exterior is designed to be weather resistant and rust-proof. One customer said “I LOVE this thing! It heats up quickly, cooks things to perfection, and the clean-up is a breeze. Perfect for my condo!”


Read full article here. 

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