Today we are going to take a brief look at Carcinogens and the effect on the food that you eat.

What is a carcinogen?

A carcinogen, according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, “is a substance or agent that causes cancer.” Some people have a genetic tendency to develop cancer when exposed to a specific carcinogen or combination of carcinogens.

How does it affect your body?

A carcinogen affects the body in the most basic level; it can act on the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), which causes aberrations, or mutations that can lead to an abnormal increase in the growth of cells. Mutations like these can lead to tumors by causing human cells to grow uncontrollably. Other carcinogens don’t necessarily cause a mutation but can cause cells to divide too quickly which then leads to a mutation.

How does grilling produce carcinogens?

Grilling proteins such as meat and fish forms two kinds of chemical compounds that may contribute to cancer: heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). HCAs, or the carcinogens most commonly found in cigarette smoke, can develop in meat when cooked at high temperatures. Although Frying and broiling can also lead to the creation of HCAs, charring on a grill induces the chemical in its strongest form. PAHs are formed when juices from the meat drips onto the coals or other hot surfaces and create smoke. The smoke then accumulates on the surface of the meat as it surrounds the food in the grilling process.

How to avoid grilling carcinogens?

With the Kenyon Grill you never have to worry about carcinogens damaging your grass fed beef, wild caught fish, or free-range chicken because there is no smoke created while using the grill. The design of the grill ensures that the juices from the meat will not cause a flare up or create smoke due to the hidden electric element that sits underneath the grilling surface. Why spend all that money on getting the healthiest foods just to cut it short with the affects of carcinogens? With a Kenyon grill you will get the most flavor, tenderness and healthy food you expect from your grilling experience.

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