Coastal Connecticut Magazine is a sumptuous guide to bountiful shoreline living. Literary in nature and dazzling to the eye, it’s a lifestyle feast. Coastal Connecticut Magazine wrote an article about Kenyon Grills, here is what they had to say:

“Once again outdoing themselves, Kenyon is excited to offer the newest addition to grilling ease; IntelliKEN Touch options. This integrating waterproof, touch control system equipped with swipe technology and user friendly features such as seamless touch control, with 16 exclusive heat settings and a built-in kitchen timer that shuts off the grill when it goes off, for added precision, is now available on eight grill models including electric grills, such as the Floridian, SilKEN Grill and Texan Grill. IntelliKen is the first grill line to allow users to set an exact temperature, to the degree, up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit, by simple touch control, this feature has never before been offered on a grill. In addition, there is a safety lock option which can be activated at any time to prevent accidental changes and a new Smart Technology grilling resource, available in the Alexa Skills Store for Amazon devices. Consumers with enabled devices are able to activate, Kenyon Kitchen, to receive cookout advice from Alexa through simple voice commands. This resource allows users to ask Alexa questions around the best heat settings, cook times, recipe instructions, and more, to receive Kenyon’s programmed advice.”

Read full article here.

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