These delicious food trends are hitting a ballpark near you this 2018 season. See how Kenyon grills makes the list in Boston.


“A new Major League Baseball season is set to begin, so that means — among many other things — it’s time for my annual strut through some of the new and ridiculous food items throughout the 30 MLB ballparks. By no means is this an all-encompassing trip, as that would be near impossible and be far too long for the 2018 Internet. We will be hitting on the overwhelming majority of the biggest and most absurd, though.

Confession: This is my favorite post to do every single season. Look, I love everything about my job and baseball is my biggest passion, but putting this together with all the ridiculous food items is all kinds of fun. Hopefully you have as much fun going through this as I did building it, though I doubt that’s even possible.”


Read the full article from CBS Sports here 




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