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Brad M’s Review


Thank you for a fantastic product.  Finally!  I’ve been using the competitors electric grill (rhymes with BenHair) in my back yard for 15 years.  I seem to get 5 years max out of them before they quit working.  I went to buy my 4th and found out that they were discontinued.  I had never heard of Kenyon (I found them online) and I am so glad that I did.  I ordered the Texan grill and now that it’s installed I can’t be happier. Very attractive, very useful, it heats up quickly, it cooks faster than my previous, it’s easy to clean up, it’s all around the best electric grill on the market today in my opinion.  I also got a quote to have a gas grill installed (at triple the price).  The Kenyon Texan Grill cooks a much better steak than I could ever get on a gas grill, all for less hassle and less mess.  Buy a Kenyon!

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