StacKEN™ Cookware

Unlike any cookware you’ve ever experienced. Save up to 50% space with unique removable handles and stacking design. The perfect solution for compact kitchens and galleys.

Vapor Technology

A revolutionary cooking method that will radically change not just the way you cook, but also how it tastes. StacKEN™ lets you create intensely flavorful, naturally vitamin and mineral-rich meals undiluted by water or doused in oil, butter, or other fat and sodium-laden ingredients. With StacKEN™ cookware, meals practically cook themselves - using less energy and fewer ingredients than traditional cooking methods.

The secrets to Vapor Cooking lie in the multi-ply construction and unique shape of our cookware. Each piece of cookware is crafted from multiple layers of the highest-quality, American-made metals. The core provides superior and unsurpassed heat conductivity and retention. The core is sandwiched between an interior and exterior layer of T-304 surgical stainless steel, creating cookware that is as durable and easy to clean, as it is beautiful.

Cook any and all types of foods including baked goods - right on your stove top, using little or no water or added fats. No more limp, overcooked vegetables or bland, dry meats. Vegetables are vibrant and flavorful; chicken, meats and fish are succulent enough to melt in your mouth without adding so much as a drop of oil to the pan.

The perfect compliment to Kenyon Cooktops

Save up to 50% space

Great for compact kitchens, StacKEN™ incorporates removable handles and stacking design as a space-saving feature.

Ergonomic Patented Handles

Does not transfer heat from the cookware and are very comfortable to grip securely.

Dishwasher and Oven Safe

7-ply material construction ensures even heating top to bottom, uses less energy and is easy to clean.

StacKEN Essentials with Insulated Carry Bag


Set of 4 essential cookware with patented removable handles and lids.

StacKEN 11.5 Inch Skillet with Cover


Generous capacity and dual-handle convenience, this skillet holds enough food to feed the hungriest mob.

StacKEN 6 Quart Stockpot with Cover


Perfectly size for families of 4 or more who appreciate good food.

StacKEN Wok


It’s large 5 Quart capacity makes it easy to cook large quantities or save some and have a healthy lunch the next day!