Spy, a publication that focuses on gadgets and product reviews, included the Texan Built-In Electric Grill in their “13 Top-Rated Indoor Grills For Charbroiled Flavor Without The Smoke.”

“If you consider yourself a grill master, and you really want to have a grill top built into your kitchen or outdoor living space, look no further than the Kenyon Texan All Seasons Built-In Electric Grill. Kenyon has built a name for itself by creating electric grills that integrate seamlessly with existing countertops, and the Texan Grill is no exception. This indoor/outdoor grill boasts two independently controlled grill plates that can heat up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit in minutes. It also has a dual lid, allowing you to work with one half of the grill closed and the other open should you be cooking different foods for the same meal. With this awesome cooker installed on in your kitchen, whether that’s indoors or outdoors, you’ll never need a traditional grill again.”


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