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Kenyon Launches New Signature Electric Grill

June 18, 2024 – Kenyon announces the availability of its newest electric grill, The Signature Grill.  Introducing the Signature Grill – personalized grilling to match your unique signature style. The […]

Jun 18


June 18, 2024Kenyon announces the availability of its newest electric grill, The Signature Grill

Introducing the Signature Grill – personalized grilling to match your unique signature style. The Signature Grill is a built-in grill designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Crafted with a weatherproof and rust-resistant finish, this grill redefines versatility and durability. Experience grilling that merges cutting-edge technology with stylish aesthetics, captivating the senses even before the first sizzle. Masterfully balancing elegance with safety, the Signature Grill makes every cooking endeavor a luxurious affair. Available in three sophisticated lid color finishes—black carbon fiber, white carbon fiber, or classic stainless steel—this grill is designed to elevate any decor, ensuring it not only cooks to perfection but also looks flawless while doing so.


It is particularly useful for cooking on outdoor patios, especially as the popularity of outdoor kitchens continues to rise. This grill blends seamlessly into any al fresco setting, bringing both function and style to your outdoor cooking experience. Powered by two independent 1500W elements operating at 240 volts with 13 amps, the Signature Grill provides a powerful and efficient grilling experience. The grill comes with 16 power settings, meaning it can reach exact temperatures between 150°F and 550°F, allowing for precise temperature control. Its direct element-to-cooking grate design ensures a flawless cooking surface devoid of any hot or cold zones, offering a perfectly even grilling experience. Yet, it still achieves those quintessential grill marks you’d expect from a gas or charcoal alternative. Our grill combines sleek style with top-notch safety. With our innovative Safe To Touch (STT) technology, the grill lid remains cooler to reduce the risk of accidental burns, even at high cooking temperatures.


Always looking to innovate, Kenyon also designed the Signature Grill to have an optional patented rotating handle that has a built-in high-intensity LED light that illuminates the entire grill surface and surrounding areas, transforming nighttime grilling into an effortless experience. This feature enhances the enjoyment for those who like to grill after sunset.

Rotating Handle with LED Light


The Signature Grill’s lid is removable and dishwasher-safe. The grill’s concealed electric element also eliminates flare-ups, guaranteeing a smokeless grilling experience. Each Signature Grill comes with Kenyon’s patented IntelliKEN™ Touch Control panel, a waterproof touchscreen to control the temperature settings for a precise finish. With Direct Temperature Feedback on the IntelliKEN™ Touch Control, people can utilize a timer and cook with both temperature and time in mind. 


“The Signature Grill makes grilling more convenient than ever thanks to the innovative technology and safety features our talented team of engineers designed,” said Phil Williams, president of Kenyon International, Inc. “Since Kenyon’s early beginnings over 90 years ago, we have made it our goal to design products that make the grilling experience as enjoyable as possible, and the Signature Grill is a great example of that commitment coming to fruition.”


Check out both models: Built-in Signature Grill or Signature Grill + Stand.


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