2nd Quality Coated Drip Tray


For the financially and environmentally conscious consumer, we’ve designed a custom coated aluminum reusable drip tray that’s dishwasher safe.  Create bold new flavors for anything you throw on the grill by adding wine, apple juice or even Coca-Cola to your drip tray.  Never worry about needing to replace one again as this Coated Drip Tray has a non-stick coating which is the longest lasting non-stick coating available.  Fits any Kenyon Electric Grill, direct replacement for the standard disposable trays.  Texan Electric Grill requires two of these trays, one for each side. Coated drip trays come standard on all IntelliKEN Grills.  Dimensions – 14.5″ L x 10.5″ W X 3″ D.


Model #: B96007U


2nd quality products have never been used but will have slight imperfections that won’t affect the performance.

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Kenyon Drip Trays - Video

When you purchase a Kenyon Grill it comes standard with one reusable drip tray. In this grilling tips video see how the drip tray is installed and learn about the coated drip tray.