Replacement Parts

Whether you have a newer grill or an older cooktop, replacement parts are available for your Kenyon product.

Cooktop replacement parts

Grill replacement parts

Marine stove replacement parts

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Cooktop Replacement Parts

Looking to replace a worn out, damaged or misplaced part for your ceramic glass cooktop? Browse our selection of replacement parts to find the correct part you need. Browse our selection of replacement parts to find the correct part you need.

Grill Replacement Parts

Time for a tune-up? Shop our selection of replacement parts for your grill here. From elements, to knobs we have what you need to get the grill back to the first time grilling.

Find the replacement parts we've highlighted with just one click

  • U-Cup

    Small black rubber U-Cup located at the base of...

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  • Fill Cap Gasket

    Vital seal located on the under side of the fill...

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  • Black Control Knobs

    Only for black ceramic glass cooktops

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  • Grate

    Replacement grate for Kenyon Grills

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  • Check Valve

    For pressurized alcohol stoves

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  • Check Valve Wrench

    Remove check valve on pressurized...

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