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The foundation of all of our grilling secrets begins with the patented innovation found in our grate. The unique engineering under the grate makes our grills heat faster, while the surface of the grat...

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Black replacement knobs only for black ceramic glass cooktops with a manufactured date November 2007 - current. If your cooktop is older then November 2007 please call customer service (860-664-4906)...

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White replacement knobs only for white ceramic glass cooktops with a manufactured date November 2007 - current. If your cooktop is older then November 2007 please call customer service (860-664-4906) ...

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Small black rubber U-Cup located at the base of the Pump Stem Assembly.  The U-Cup needs to be replaced when no air pressure is being created.  For Pressurized Alcohol Stoves. Ref. #H-1233 Part...

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Complete rebuild of Pressurized Alcohol burners.  Comes with step-by-step instructions. Ref. # H-2300 Part #: B93025

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Located at the front center on all Pressurized Alcohol Stoves, the pump stem assembly produces pressure within the fuel tank. Ref. # H-1231 Part #: B93011

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Vital seal located on the under side of the fill cap on older Pressurized Alcohol stoves. Ref. # H-1221 Part #: B93010

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Located at the bottom of the barrel shaft where the Pump Stem Assembly is installed. Allows air into the tank. Constructed of brass and a rubber stop. For Pressurized Alcohol Stoves. Ref. # H-1332 ...

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PUPS™ is a patented Pop Up Potholder System that keep pots safe and secure.  Compatible only with Kenyon PUPS™ ceramic glass cooktop Part #: 240820

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Slotted T handled wrench used to remove check valve on Pressurized Alcohol stoves. Ref. # H-525 Part #: B93005

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Cortez Style replacement knobs only for Cortez ceramic glass cooktops. Please indicate the year of your cooktop in the "Order Notes" section during the checkout process. Part #: 143798

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These patented mats cover the entire SilKEN 2® Induction Cooktop.  Providing spill and pot retention, quick heat dissipation and glass top protection.  Exceeds ABYC requirements for pot retention. ...

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This is an adapter frame to replace an existing cooktop with any of Kenyon’s Trimline 2-Burner cooktop models. P/N is 143715. This is a special order item.

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