Frontier IntelliKEN Touch Grill Review

Memorial Day kicked off the grilling season for many people, but Kenyon is ready to make the argument that you could be enjoying grilled meals year-round, regardless of weather. The company makes high quality electric grills, that can be used indoors — without the worry of smoke. Can electric really compete with charcoal, wood or gas? To find out, the company sent me their Frontier Portable Electric Grill, equipped with new IntelliKEN Touch controls. 

First Impressions

It’s immediately clear that the Kenyon Frontier is a premium product. It’s also clearly not meant as a high-end version of something like a George Foreman Grill, or the Cuisinart Griddler in my kitchen, despite all carrying the “electric grill” label. Those are mass produced multi-function kitchen appliances that are considerably smaller and aimed at pressing a sandwich or quickly cooking a steak.

The Frontier is a replacement for an outdoor gas, charcoal or wood grill. That’s a much more ambitious scope. It’s portable. It can be used on a countertop, although it takes up a fair bit of space (21 x 12-inches and over 7-inches tall with the lid), but it can also be used outdoors. It’s also beautifully designed and built to last, with rust-resistant marine grade stainless steel construction. And my review unit was equipped with the company’s IntelliKEN touch controls, which add a high-tech look.

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