“Kenyon has provided apartment-dwellers in search of a grilling solution with a whole series of electric grills that bring that outdoor experience, inside.”


“Chief among them is the portable Kenyon City Grill. The tabletop grill is certified for indoor use and comes in a stainless steel construction that’s capable of being used on top of any surface without you having to worry about burning the surface underneath.

With a cooking area of 155 square inches, you’ll have more than enough space to cook all kinds of great food, whether it’s juicy burgers or veggie skewers that you want to have that rich grilled flavor.

Additionally, the 1300-watt element ensures that you can really crank up the temperature to get that absolutely perfect sear you need for your food. Plus, that wattage allows it to fully heat up to your desired cooking temperature in about seven minutes.”

Read more about the cool features of the City grill on Spy.com and never miss out on grilling again!

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