Connecticut-based Kenyon Grills is a 90-year-old business with a winding history and a lucrative partnership with America’s best baseball team.


“Just one thing would have made Phillip Williams, president and co-owner of Kenyon Grills, happier than the Boston Red Sox’s World Series win this year. That is if it had occurred at home. Williams’s company makes the team’s official grill, and the first base-side deck at Fenway Park is plastered with its signs. Fans chomp burgers and fries under Kenyon-logoed umbrellas.

Kenyon makes fast-heating electric grills, in both portable and built-in models. The company has seen grill sales increase 60 percent since the partnership with the Red Sox kicked off in the spring. In addition to Fenway visitors, hundreds of thousands have seen its ads on Boston’s regional sports network or watched Williams’s son, who is chief marketing officer, interviewed during games. “We’ve gotten feedback from all over the country,” Williams says. “It has been very, very rewarding and definitely paid for itself.”

Kenyon’s newfound fame among Red Sox Nation culminates nearly 90 years of product invention and business reinvention. In that time the company, founded by a prolific inventor and his daredevil pilot wife, churned out air and marine instruments used by the military; camera stabilizers used by adventuresome journalists; and elegant cooktops used everywhere from yachts to senior communities.”

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