The City Grill

BBQ for all! The Kenyon City Grill® is the solution for grilling where open flames are prohibited. Ideal for apartments and condominiums that restrict gas and charcoal grills on their patios or balconies.

Enjoy Healthy Cooking

The City Grill® quickly transfers heat from the concealed 1300W electric element, producing the look and taste of high quality gas grills without the risk of unhealthy side effects.

Kenyon offers the only grills that are UL approved for indoor and outdoor use. The portable design, convenient carrying handles and ample cooking space for 4-6 people makes it easy to cook a delicious meal from the comfort of your kitchen or while relaxing outside.

The Finest in Quality and Performance

User-Friendly Design

A patented design, which places the heating element in a channel of the grill grate, providing direct heat transfer.

Grill Year-Round

Grilling your favorite food has never been easier and safer as Kenyon Electric Grills won't set off your fire alarm and can be used on your kitchen counter.

Powerful Performance

Actual cooking temperature exceeds 550˙F. Achieve the results you want for any kind of food.

City Grill®


Its sleek engineering makes it virtually smokeless and without flare ups; a perfect fit for indoors in your kitchen or outdoors on your balcony. This is the portable grill only.

City Grill® + Cart


A functional additional to any kitchen or terrace. Free up counter space and store all of your accessories in one convenient place. Made from high quality stainless steel.



Go from flipping burgers to making pancakes without leaving the backyard. Use the smooth griddle for eggs and pancakes (or anything else you wish to cook on a flat surface).

Coated Drip Tray


For the financially and environmentally conscious consumer, we’ve designed a custom coated aluminum drip tray. Create bold new flavors for anything you throw on the grill by adding wine, apple juice or even Coca-Cola to your drip tray.

Portable Grill Carry Bag


Take your Kenyon Portable Grill with you anywhere you go with this durable custom carry bag. Heavy duty webbed handles evenly distribute the weight of the grill. The side pockets provide a convenient way to keep your grill utensils together in one place.

Grill Utensil Kit


Every great chef is measured not only by the foods they make but also by the tools they use to make them. Bring home our finest collection of four grilling utensils in a classy canvas carrying case today.